The Infrastructure in the Cloud


SAP Spectrum: Cloud computing – everybody is talking about it, but different people mean different things. How would you define it?

Bernhard Schulzki: In my team, we think of cloud computing from the infrastructure point of view. This could mean abstracting the operating system from the hardware or abstracting the application from the operating system. The technology behind this is simply virtualization, which has been around for over 20 years. Just think of the first IBM mainframes. So it is hardly a new phenomenon, and most of our customers are already using it in one way or another.

SAP SPECTRUM: Why the sudden interest in cloud computing?

Berhnhard Schulzki: It’s because hardware can now do so much more. Virtualization lets you run multiple operating systems on one piece of hardware. If you look at a typical SAP system, it needs 32 GB of memory. As long as affordable servers had only 32 GB of memory, virtualization was not an option. Since the memories for x86 hardware are now so much bigger and cheaper, you can get 256 or 512 GB of memory off the shelf.

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