A Customer’s View of SAP’s Cloud and Virtualization Strategy

Minutes before the start of the final day of SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week 2011, Joseph Zeinoun, SAP Mentor and Solution Architect at Raytheon, shared his key takeaways from Kaj van de Loo’s keynote and offered up his very clearly articulated views on the role of virtualization and cloud computing.  A third-time participant at this annual event, Joseph clearly gets great value from attending.  This year, he wanted to learn more about SAP’s strategy in this space. “Kaj’s keynote on Tuesday answered a lot of those questions,” he said. As the event draws to a close, Joseph can already share some key learnings.

“I learned what you can do from an on-premise standpoint and what tools and technologies SAP will provide in the future to support that,” he said, adding: “That’s what the SAP landscape manager is going to be about – to allow organizations to leverage the cloud model and offset their workloads from an internal cloud to an external or public or private.” Hear more from Joseph in this video.