And Now, a Word from our Partners…

The partners that comprise the vibrant SAP ecosystem were out in full force at SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week 2011. Among the sponsors this year was CapGemini. In this interview taped at the close of this year’s event, Chris Kernaghan, senior SAP NetWeaver consultant with CapGemini, gives the partner perspective of virtualization and cloud.

Chris was heartened by the “very clear commitment from SAP and the continuation of their vision of where cloud and virtualization is going” that he heard at the event. “It’s been really good to see a consistency moving through that.” In terms of what’s been really exciting, Chris singled out all the toolsets that both the cloud partners and SAP are coming out with. “That’s all starting to harmonize – slowly, but it’s starting to harmonize. And we’ll be able to drive real value for our customers in their pursuit of virtualization platforms or cloud platforms as they see fit.”

Hear more from Chris in this short video.