ASUG News Nabs Straight Talk on Enterprise Asset Management

In a roundtable discussion at the SAP-Centric EAM Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif., three leaders in the EAM field—Jeff Alessi, SAP lead specialist at Valero; Kim McArthur, manager of asset stewardship at Hydro One Networks; and Jimmy Mendoza, business analyst at CPS Energy—offered their insights on forming a solid SAP EAM strategy. You’ve all pointed to the importance of buy-in by senior management. What does that really mean?

Jeff Alessi: [Senior management] depends on these IT folks and the people at the sites to learn SAP. But the people at the sites are not going to do it until management tells them they have to. You have to have accountability. You have to have that management support to make this system work. Otherwise, you don’t get standardization and you don’t get good equipment information, because they’re not driven to the sites.

SAP Customer Roundtable: Straight Talk on SAP EAM Strategy can be read in its entirety on ASUG News.