Is RIM’s Playbook Overrated or Underrated?

RIM won the first round with the PlayBook: generating huge pre-release interest among tech’s chattering classes for its tablet.

With moves such as promising Android compatibility and claiming that “many corporate clients have approached us about each wanting tens of thousands, several tens of thousands of PlayBooks”, it whipped up expectations that no company except one with the address One Infinite Loop could have possibly matched.

So it was no surprise that the reviews for the PlayBook were on the whole so negative.

“Mossberg’s review of RIM tablet is devastating. We are seeing another decline and fall of tech powerhouse a la Wang, DEC, Palm and others,” acidly tweeted Alan Meckler, former dot-com publisher (Internet World), only one of the many who attempting to start feasting on the carcass of RIM.

This is premature prognostication for the sake of being first. RIM is no Nokia, a company with seriously declining profits due to its serious smartphone problem. Nor is it even Cisco with its Flip, a market leader in shrinking industry. RIM is a $20 billion-a-year company  that ships 15 million smartphones a quarter and reaps about $1 billion in net profit per quarter.

The above blog exerpt was taken from “The Blackberry Playbook Was Overrated. Now It’s Underrated Again”, penned by Eric Lai.  It can be read in its entirety at: