OpenSocial Gives SAP StreamWork Users More Options

It’s been an exciting couple of months for SAP StreamWork. If you’re one the many users of our collaborative decision-making software, you probably noticed that we recently added support for OpenSocial – a common set of programming standards used by many social web applications.

What does this mean? Well, to start, as a user you now have access to a much wider array of tools and capabilities. And, if you’re a developer using the OpenSocial API, you can register your application with SAP StreamWork to make it available to our users via the tools catalog. Big things!

Here’s how some of our partners have already put the OpenSocial support to good use:

  • Atlassian helps people conceive, plan, build and launch great products with tools for issue tracking, collaboration and software development. Learn more in this blog post from Atlassian.
  • CS Odessa offers its ConceptDraw MindWave tool for visual mind-mapping collaboration, which helps teams generate content during virtual meetings and quickly construct interactive maps of projects and tasks.
  • Doodle enables users to simplify the coordination of meetings with its online scheduling service. Learn more in this blog post from Doodle.
  • Google provides its Google Translate gadget to translate between common languages in the world.
  • Got Decisions helps people make decisions using an approach that emulates the way the human brain functions during decision-making processes. Learn more in this blog post from Got Decisions.
  • MindMeister brings users a brainstorming tool that uses a scientifically proven mind-mapping technique, empowering them to review ideas and map out decisions. Learn more in this blog post from MindMeister.

Hopefully you’re just as excited as we are about these new advancements. Now, even more is possible for all SAP StreamWork users and partners. Look for more exciting developments to come!