Under Our Own Roof: Virtualization and Cloud at SAP

SAP has put a definitive stake in the ground with its efforts to bring virtualization and cloud technologies to its customers and partners. But these efforts aren’t limited to customers and partners. Rather, SAP is also aiming to bring these technologies to one of the largest IT infrastructures in the world – its own.As Kaj van de Loo, SAP’s SVP of Technology Strategy, stressed in his opening keynote at SAP Virtualization Cloud Week 2011, SAP is currently using the technology successfully in-house.  This point was reinforced by Markus Winter, Product Manager for SAP’s Virtualization and Cloud Management product unit,  in his session Virtualization and Cloud at SAP: How SAP Walks the Talk.

In his presentation, Markus explained SAP’s efforts in detail, fascinating a packed house and inspiring many relevant questions from SAP customer and partner attendees. Markus outlined how SAP operates one of the largest IT infrastructures in the world, servicing employees and customers alike. He further explained how SAP brought virtualization into its data centers and modified its internal business processes to improve flexibility, speed, and total cost of ownership (TCO). The session identified usage scenarios, with examples including optimization of data center infrastructure with regards to sustainability/green IT and automation of SAP software in production and other scenarios.

Markus also discussed the challenges of such implementations; described the configuration, setup, and management of large virtual infrastructures; and provided insight into SAP’s data center automation strategies that adopt the industry trend of cloud computing. To find out more, download Markus’ presentation.

I had the chance to speak with Markus briefly after the session, to discuss what he covered and also get his impressions of SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week 2011. Watch this short video to hear what he had to say: “Markus Winter at SAP Virtualization & Cloud Week 2011.”