A Blockbuster Monday of Sustainability Sessions is on Tap

In an earlier post, I talked about SAP’s sustainability focus at SAPPHIRE NOW this year, noting that the topic has continued its maturation within SAP and is now insinuated in the SAPPHIRE NOW program across multiple areas and sessions. With 25 sustainability sessions on Monday alone, as a physical or virtual attendee, you have a lot of options (check out the agenda builder here and search on “sustainability”). Even better, in an interview with Marty Etzel from SAP’s sustainability team, I learned that fully 80 percent of the sustainability sessions this year will feature SAP customers and partners sharing how they are seeing real-world business impact today through sustainable business practices. Here’s a look at some interesting sustainability sessions on Monday. I’ll provide some suggestions for Tuesday and Wednesday in a future post.

I’ll be reporting on sessions and will be actively tweeting during the conference, so be sure to follow me @sustainableSAP and @briwasson to be sure you don’t miss anything! I’m particularly interested to hear the perspectives of attendees, so please feel free to send me a note through Twitter or by e-mail and let me know what you think about the sessions and the conference in general.

Without a doubt, the “don’t miss” sustainability session on Monday is “What Does a Sustainable Business Look Like in 2015?” It brings together a number of thought leaders in the sustainability field, including Nigel Topping from the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Cashion East from The Sustainability Consortium, and Susan Wickwire from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Peter Graf, chief sustainability officer at SAP, will also be on hand. It’s a rare opportunity to hear from such a diverse group of sustainability experts, who will provide their thoughts on how sustainability principles will transform the way we do business by 2015. It begins at 2:30 p.m. EDT in the Global Communication Broadcast Center, Studio 3, and is also available at www.sapphirenow.com.

If you want to keep your sustainability high going after this session, be sure to check out “Energy Efficiency and IT: Acting Beyond the Data Center” to learn more about this important issue that is increasingly a top boardroom mandate. A customer panel including Gordon Williams from Baker Hughes and Emily Thomas from Arch Chemicals will discuss how their companies have worked to reduce energy use and costs, and SAP CIO Oliver Bussman will explain how SAP has realized energy savings in the data center and across operations (see related video). The session is in the Lines of Business Theater at 3:45 p.m. and will also be broadcast on www.sapphirenow.com..

Here are a few other interesting sustainability sessions on Monday (again, check the agenda builder for the full list):

  • Hear from Autodesk and CSC about how they use SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand to manage and reduce their corporate energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint (10:30-11:15)
  • Join a discussion hosted by SAP about the challenges of incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into corporate car fleets and what strategies and solutions companies are leaning toward. SAP is testing EVs and related infrastructure in several locations around the world (10:30-11:15)
  • Consumer products giant Kimberly Clark will talk about how it meets customer and regulatory demands for safe products(1:00-1:20, with discussion following)