SAP Business ByDesign – for Free

Vergünstigte Konditionen für alle diejenigen, die sich jetzt für Business ByDesign entscheiden. (Foto: Fotolia)
Attractive conditions for anyone who opts for SAP Business ByDesign now (photo: Fotolia)

The offer applies only if you purchase the solution through SAP Direct Sales. If you conclude a two-year contract with a minimum of 15 users, you won’t have to pay the license fee for the first three months. For the remaining time, you receive a credit note of 15%, which is valid for subsequent invoices.

If you conclude a three-year contract with at least 20 users, you are also exempt from paying the license fee in the first three months and you even get a 20% discount on subsequent invoices.

The only condition is that at least 10 of the users must be enterprise users. This means that the company needs to select at least 10 “ERP standard” enterprise users or “SCM (manufacturing and logistics)” enterprise users.

The offer does not include partner add-ons or implementation services.

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Screenshot Business ByDesign
Invoices, financial status, and campaigns at a glance (screenshot: SAP AG)

How SAP Business ByDesign Works

SAP Business ByDesign covers all the processes that go on in small businesses and midsize companies. The solution is available on demand and users access it through their Web browser. Companies rent only the modules that they need.

With the Solution Configurator, you can compile your individual SAP Business ByDesign solution. The Configurator also tells you everything you need to know about costs, validity of contracts, and implementation periods.

SAP Business ByDesign comprises the following areas:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM): CRM enables you to document all your customer communication, manage relationships with your business partners, and conduct marketing and sales activities such as target group analyses and campaigns.
  • Financial management: This supports financials and accounting, cash flow management, and liquidity planning.
  • Project management: With project management, you can plan, administer, invoice, and control projects.
  • Supplier base management and purchasing
  • Production/logistics: This mainly comprises functions for structuring the supply chain, as well as manufacturing and stockholding.

In addition, analysis and reporting functions are available through the SAP BusinessObjects product portfolio.

SDK (Software Development Kits) supported by SAP enable partners to develop add-ons and integrate them with the software.

SAP Business ByDesign is primarily aimed at the service sector and the manufacturing industry, for example, the high tech industry, industrial machinery and components, and mill products.

Auch für iPad: Die on-Demand-Software Business ByDesign (Screenshot: SAP AG)
Available for iPads: SAP Business ByDesign (screenshot: SAP AG)

SAP Business ByDesign Starter Packs

There are three starter parks for SAP Business ByDesign:

  1. CRM Starter Pack
  2. ERP Starter Pack
  3. Professional Services Starter Pack

However, the special offer applies only to the ERP Starter Pack.

The ERP Starter Pack supports many functions for financials and human resources. These include invoice verification, customer billing, and project management. With the software, users can gain an overview of the company’s current financial status. What’s more, they can manage G/L accounts centrally, as well as work with several different currencies at the same time. In addition, the ERP Starter Pack is suitable for managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, and for asset management. Other features include the use of credit memos in calculations, reimbursement of expenses, and the use of SAP Business ByDesign for creating tax returns.

The functions for human resources comprise time recording and an employee database. With the software, users can save information about the project they are working on, create networks, monitor project steps, and detect deviations from the path their project should be taking.

Licenses: Enterprise Users

Different licenses are available for different types of SAP Business ByDesign user:

  • Team users
  • Enterprise users
  • Self-service users

To qualify for the SAP Business ByDesign special offer, at least 10 of the users must be enterprise users.

Here, customers can choose between ERP standard enterprise users and SCM enterprise users (manufacturing and logistics).

ERP standard enterprise users are mainly general office staff, planners, accountants, and sales employees. The package for this target group maps processes for financials, project management, and human capital management. HR employees, for example, can manage working time and calculate bonuses. Processes for marketing, sales, and service are also integrated, including contract management and order management. Furthermore, desktop integration tools and analysis functions form part of this standard package.

It costs €133 per user, per month.

The package for SCM enterprise users offers the same functions as the ERP standard package. However, the software has additional functions for supply chain planning and control, order planning and control, supply and demand planning, warehouse management, logistics, physical inventory, and production monitoring. The SCM enterprise user license costs €179 per user, per month.