Next Stop: Your Portal


“When we implemented the portal, we had three objectives,” says José Antonio González Redondo, head of human resources at Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat
Valenciana, or FGV, the government owned rail operator in the Spanish province of Valencia. “First, we wanted employees to be able to access the portal at any time. Second, we needed employees to be able to access self-services and commonly used applications for HR. Finally, we set out to drive active participation and collaboration among our employees.”

Access for everyone, any time

FGV employees log on to the SAP-based portal in various ways, depending on the nature of their roles. For administrative employees, it’s easiest to use their office PCs, since they work on them every day. But FGV had to find alternatives for staff in depots and on the trains: “We set up nine terminals in depots, maintenance workshops, and break rooms, so employees can log on to the portal from wherever they work,” says Susana Gimeno Núñez, who is responsible for the implementation and development of software solutions at FGV.

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