SAPPHIRE NOW: Calm Before the Storm

The biggest SAP event worldwide traditionally takes place in Florida. (photo: Voelkel)
You are here: The biggest SAP event worldwide, SAPPHIRE NOW, in Florida. (photo: Voelkel)

Florida is known to many Americans either as the ultimate destination for Spring Break or retirement, depending on their age. But within the world of SAP and its partners, Florida, specifically Orlando, is more often associated with the company’s biggest event, SAPPHIRE NOW.

Although the main event really starts on Monday, the pre-conference seminars and onsite registration drew some attendees to the convention center on Sunday, or Day 0 as we like to call it. was there too, to take a look around before the chaos breaks out.

Inside Orlando’s white stucco convention center, SAP banners were already hanging in the foyer, gleaming electric autos were parked in the main hall, and conference staff were sitting behind the registration counter, ready to check in arriving SAPPHIRE attendees. A peek behind the guarded entrance to the showroom floor revealed a hive of activity: people testing video and sound feed, lights and room dividers being installed, and last-minute adjustments for the start of the three-day event.

Monday begins with the forward-looking keynote, “The Future of Business – Imagining the World in 2015 & Beyond,” introducing the theme that will reappear over the course of the conference. Co-CEOs Jim Snabe and Bill McDermott will deliver a keynote on business solutions for 2015 on Tuesday, followed by Wednesday’s keynote speech on technology for the future, which will be delivered by SAP executive board member Vishal Sikka and chairman of the supervisory board, Hasso Plattner.

In addition, many of the over 1,400 presentations and discussions at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando will reveal solution and industry road maps for the coming years. will report live from the event and keep readers up-to-date with the latest information.

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Attendees avoid the crowds and pick up their conference badges on Sunday (photo: Voelkel)
Attendees avoid the crowds and pick up their conference badges on Sunday (photo: Voelkel)