SAP Partner News 15/2011

An assortment of the latest developments involving SAP partners (image: Fotolia)
An assortment of the latest developments involving SAP partners (image: Fotolia)

cormeta joins confectionery academy

cormeta AG is now a member of Zentralfachschule der Deutschen Süßwarenwirtschaft e.V. (ZDS), a confectionery academy through which it plans to support those learning the trade. As the provider of the industry solution FOODsprint, cormeta also wants to use its membership to drive the transfer of knowledge between the confectionery industry and SAP’s software development.

Hanse Orga centralizes payment transactions at Miele

The household appliance manufacturer Miele now uses FinanceSuite Payment Management from Hanse Orga to handle its payment transactions. The solution has replaced Miele’s previous system, which used to manage the company’s finances in a decentralized fashion. As an added advantage, FinanceSuite Payment Management can also incorporate Miele subsidiaries that don’t use SAP software. Meanwhile, Miele was able integrate the Hanse Orga product directly into its existing SAP landscape. Only Miele’s branch offices in Germany are using the solution at the moment, but an international rollout is planned.

OpenText providing software for smart metering

OpenText is a member of the European Smart Metering Industry Group (ESMIG), which also includes IT companies and manufacturers of electricity, gas, water, and district heating meters. The group intends to use OpenText ECM Suite to manage information on utility companies as part of its focus on data management and system integration.

Uniorg joins B1 Global alliance

Two SAP Gold Partners, Uniorg Services and be one solutions, recently forged an alliance to promote the advancement of SAP Business One at the international level. Whether it’s special legal requirements in specific countries, add-ons, or regulatory specifications, the B1 Global cooperation will help companies implement SAP Business One at their branch offices abroad. In addition to the implementation process itself, the alliance’s services cover integration scenarios, post-go-live support, and application service management.

TDS AG helping provide Teamcenter as a Service

The Siemens software product Teamcenter has proven very popular with automotive suppliers, and TDS AG has now joined forces with Fujitsu and Siemens to offer this PLM application as an on-demand solution. TDS is providing the necessary data center capacity and handling application management. Users can access the new solution, known as Teamcenter as a Service, through a simple Web browser. Since TDS is taking care of the hosting, no server racks or other additional hardware is required; customers only pay for the components they really need and use. TDS also offers predefined software packages to cover a wide variety of scenarios.