Presenting SAP Sourcing OnDemand

Now on demand,  SRM software manages procurement, contracts, and vendor relationships (Photo: Fotolia)
Available on demand, Sourcing OnDemand manages vendor relationships (Photo: Fotolia)

Customers can use  SAP Sourcing OnDemand (SAP Sourcing OnDemand Wave 8 was just released in March 2011) to handle the entire source to contract process, from supplier initial inquiries to contract conclusion, from a Web browser without having to purchase or implement additional software or server hardware.

SAP Sourcing OnDemand, previously named SAP E-Sourcing OnDemand, delivers sustainable cost savings, enables comprehensive contract management, and provides superior supplier management. The solution tailors sourcing and contracting processes to specific business needs and establishes and develops a qualified supply base to enable the optimization of the overall value contribution from suppliers. It provides built-in support for best practices, training, support for sourcing events, user and supplier support, and key strategic sourcing enablement services

SAP Sourcing OnDemand is designed to help deliver quick access to benefits, maximize cost savings opportunities, and provide real-time visibility across your entire sourcing process so you can proactively manage every aspect of it. The solution is comprised of fully integrated strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle manage­ment, and supplier management offerings.

The solution supports standard integration with SAP ERP.

Whether it’s accessing anything from vendor master data, contact information, and purchase material groups to bid invitations and contracts, SAP Sourcing OnDemand covers all of the relevant processes in sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and supplier management. Thanks to special BI tools, users can also perform analyses and assess key information and results.

Now on iPhone and iPad

In addition to enabling customers to group materials and calculate prices based on formulas, SAP Sourcing OnDemand Wave 7 provides new formats and tools for online auctions. iPhone and iPad owners will also be pleased to hear about the ability to carry out procurement processes and approve contracts on their mobile devices.

Meanwhile, SAP has made particular progress in improving the solution’s usability. For example, SAP Sourcing OnDemand now supports bookmarks, search profile storage, automatic search-term completion, and global search queries, and a quick-create tool makes it easier to generate charts and diagrams. A searchable directory also enables users to access documents from various locations.

The main functionality of SAP Sourcing OnDemand lies in managing sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and supplier management processes. The solution also makes it possible to monitor projects and costs and compare total costs and the components of total prices. Finally, SAP Sourcing OnDemand is familiar with all of the legal provisions concerning governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and supports various currencies.

SAP Sourcing OnDemand is available in 18 languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Subscription packages for SAP Sourcing OnDemand

Subscription packages are SAP’s way of offering its customers maximum flexibility in the form of preconfigured components for strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and supplier management.

  • SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand: delivers effective corporate contracts by automating the contract authoring, enhancing visibility, improving compliance, and delivering rapid time to value. By managing the entire contract lifecycle consistently, the customer can realize full value of their contracts – resulting in high profits and lower legal and financial risk.
  • SAP Supplier Management OnDemand: optimizes supplier management including onboarding and qualification, information management, evaluation, and performance management reporting and analysis. With full supplier visibility, a supplier manager can make decisions that boost profitability and enable superior supplier management.
  • SAP Strategic Sourcing OnDemand: improves sourcing processes by enabling key project management tools, automating multi-round sourcing processes, collaborative scoring and bid optimization, and competitive reverse and forward auction bidding environments. By proactively managing the entire sourcing process, the customer can obtain maximum negotiating power with their supplier resulting in higher negotiated savings and rapid time to value.

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