Performance Management for iPad

Für CFOs und marketingabteilungen: SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 (Foto: Fotolia)
For CFOs and marketing departments: BusinessObjects EPM 10 solutions (image: Fotolia)

The SAP BusinessObjects enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions are designed to aid managers in making decisions and forecasts based on sound data. Whether you need to evaluate tasks, plan your budget, or set goals, these solutions provide functions for strategy management, business planning and consolidation, financial data consolidation, financial management, company-internal coordination, cost and profitability management, and expense analysis. They also enable you to simulate various scenarios, generate projections, and adjust your targets to changing operational and financial conditions.

New in version 10 of the SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions

In addition to their uniform, revamped user interface and its Web 2.0 functions, the newly released solutions are optimized for mobile devices and support finger gestures on iPad and other tablet PCs.

In-memory technology has also found its way into the SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions: Thanks to their support for SAP HANA, the solutions enable CFOs to recognize changes nearly in real time and respond promptly with the right decisions. In-memory technology involves storing huge amounts of data in server RAM instead of in databases, which makes it immediately accessible to the BI solutions when needed.

Meanwhile, the version 10 solutions have also gained a new BI function: automatic deviation analysis, which accelerates the process of determining the gap between current and target statuses.

The latest SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions are based on:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management
  • SAP BusinessObjects Supply Chain Performance Management
  • SAP BusinessObjects Strategic Workforce Planning
  • SAP Trade Promotion Management
  • SAP BusinessObjects Sales and Operations Planning
  • SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning

The innovations in version 10 also affect SAP BusinessObjects Disclosure Management, which aids in the creation of financial statements. The version 10 solutions also include a collaboration function that enables multiple users to work simultaneously on the same project. As a further highlight, the SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions support the business reporting language XBRL, as well.

Das Release unterstützt Fingergestiken. Das bedeutet eine bessere Bedienung auf dem iPad. (Screenshot: SAP AG)
Thanks to its support for finger gestures, version 10 promises improved usability on iPad (screenshot: SAP AG)
Auf der SAPPHIRE NOW wurde SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10.0 auf dem Playbook gezeigt. (Screenshot: SAP AG)
At SAPPHIRE NOW, the SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10 solutions were demonstrated on the BlackBerry Playbook (screenshot: SAP AG)

Also for CRM departments

With the version 10 release, the SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions should now be of interest to more than just financial departments. They contain scorecards for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and human resource management, and SAP BusinessObjects Sales and Operations Planning is now also available as a rapid-deployment solution. This means customers can implement its key functions in a matter of just weeks.

The solutions’ further functions include risk management (in planning) and GRC features for meeting legal requirements. Meanwhile, BI workspaces linked to EPM content make it possible to generate detailed KPIs. And manufacturers take note: The solutions will soon be able to couple calculations for bills of materials with the relevant production departments.

SAP’s portfolio of BI products has seen a series of updates in recent months. The company released version 4.0 of its SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions in early 2011; then came version 10 of its SAP BusinessObjects solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in March. Currently still in ramp-up, the version 10 SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions are set to follow soon.

Click here to view a live session demonstrating the SAP BusinessObjects EPM 10 solutions.