The World is my Lab


René Redzepi is a dynamic, creative type who likes to experiment. He and his team turn concepts into reality. He collects ideas, discusses them, conducts research into techniques and components, develops prototypes, has them tested, and finally serves up the finished product to his discerning customers. Redzepi is an innovator – a quality that helps ensure he and his colleagues stay at the top. He is chef and co-owner of the world’s best restaurant (as determined by Restaurant magazine in March 2010), noma in Copenhagen.

The Danish Michelin-starred chef is no isolated example of an innovator at work. From time immemorial, the “creative entrepreneur” has been looking for tools for “creative destruction” – or the bid to gain advantage over the competition in the short term and to avoid falling behind in the long term, as explained by economist Joseph Schumacher. This might be accomplished with algae ice cream, a virtual shopping cart, or even an adaptive brake light. In each case, though, there is a focused, entrepreneurial spirit behind the innovation.

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