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The online portal apps4erp brings customers and providers together (screenshot: apps4erp)
The online portal apps4erp brings customers and providers together (screenshot: apps4erp)

What use is the best add-on, if potential buyers have never heard of it? The online portal apps4erp aims to unite supply and demand. On the one hand, SAP consulting companies can list their ERP add-ons on the site and therefore reach a larger audience. On the other hand, customers can rely on tried-and-true solutions and save the costs for new developments.

Read on to find out how much providers pay for listing their apps and how customers can find what they’re looking for.

Add-ons for everything

Companies are sometimes faced with situations where standard applications fail to tally optimally with their business processes. But developing add-ons from scratch is often a prohibitively expensive task, especially for small businesses. And costs can spiral with each new release or patch, so companies end up limiting themselves to the standard software.

If the add-ons they needed already existed, many organizations would be able to afford them. And in fact, many such add-ons do exist, but a lack of documentation means that they can’t be found using search engines.

apps4erp aims to create greater clarity and has a portal listing more than 260 apps, which are sorted according to the categories:

  • SAP Business Suite (225 apps)
  • SAP BusinessObjects (11)
  • SAP Business One (7)
  • Mobile solutions (14)
  • Infrastructure (4)
  • Compliance (4)

Please note that the English Web site, though not yet complete, does receive regular updates.

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Overview of apps for SAP Business One (screenshot: apps4erp)
Overview of apps for SAP Business One (screenshot: apps4erp)
Short descriptions give potential customers an impression (screenshot: apps4erp)
Short descriptions give potential customers an impression (screenshot: apps4erp)

Search function

In addition to the free-text search, apps can be found through a tree structure that is classified according to SAP modules, business processes, and industries. Registration is not required, and the contract is concluded with the add-on provider. Most of the listings state the price. What’s more, there are short descriptions and a PDF file with more detailed information. These descriptions are available in German and some information is also provided in English. The portal is currently in the process of making all information available in English.

And that’s not all: If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can fill out a form and request the app – either openly or anonymously. apps4erp then forwards this request to the IT service providers and pledges that in 95% of cases, customers will receive at least five quotations.

Providers pay €350 per app

SAP consulting companies often develop add-ons for individual customers. Because small consulting companies tend to have limited sales and distribution structures, they can’t reap the benefits of economies of scale or standardization.

This can change with apps4erp – just by filling out a special template with information about the add-on and including screenshots and a price model. Placing an app on the platform for six months and publicizing it to a large number of potential customers costs €350.

Advertising five apps or more costs €290 per app, while advertising 10 apps or more costs €275 per app. If you place your app on the portal for 12 months, you get a 10% discount. The services also include marketing and mailing campaigns. If you provide more than five apps, you are classified as a “Premium Partner” and receive all requests about apps that were not found on the platform.