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Fully embedded business analytics help All-in-One users stay on target (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)
Updated Business All-in-One solutions boast fully embedded business analytics (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)

SAP Business All-in-One is considered the heavy-lifter among the SAP solutions designed for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It covers more users and industries and offers more functionality than SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign.

As the SAP solution intended specifically for midsize businesses and fast growing small businesses, SAP Business All-in-One not only covers ERP functionality but also customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), business intelligence (BI), and SAP Best Practices. The term “all-in-one” is a bold claim, one which the solution lives up to.

Several enhancements for Business All-in-One solutions are planned for 2011. These improvements will focus on strengthening the CRM, SRM, and BI components; expanding industry and country coverage; and enabling mobility.

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There are over 700 industry-specific Business All-in-One solutions (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)
There are over 700 industry-specific Business All-in-One solutions (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)

Business Suite updates for All-in-One

This year, Business All-in-One solutions will adopt the innovations introduced in enhancement package 5 for ERP 6.0. See these previous articles for a detailed look at EHP 5: “Update: SAP Business Suite” and “Preview: EHP 5.” In general, there will be an increased effort to make innovations available to Business All-in-One solutions (e.g., CRM, SRM, and BI) as soon as the underlying software is updated. SAP expects to deliver updates for Business All-in-One on a quarterly basis.

More than 700 industry-specific Business All-in-One solutions are already available for small and midsize businesses. And 2011 will see new or enhanced offerings for several industries, including: automotive, banking, chemicals, healthcare, and retail to name a few. SAP works with over 1,100 qualified partners to ensure that the needs of these various industries are met with the relevant software functionality.

What’s more, Business All-in-One is available in 50 different countries, so communication with suppliers and customers around the world is not a problem. And as of, December 2010, Business All-in-One now provides two options for integrating business networks.

The decentralized approach uses various integration platforms, so subsidiaries might be running Business One or Business ByDesign rather than Business All-in-One. The centralized approach, on the other hand, uses one intercompany scenario of Business All-in-One, cutting down on the complexity of the integration. Additional versions of this will be released throughout 2011.

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New user environment includes mash-up web content (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)
New user environment includes mash-up web content (source: Youtube, AffordableERP)


In 2011, Business All-in-One solutions will provide SMEs with fully embedded business analytics. This will be an expansion of the previous BI functionality that was available. Now it will include innovations in analytics and user experience and more industry-specific analytics.

The user experience, powered by NetWeaver Business Client 3.0, will blend transactional capabilities, business analytics capabilities, and web content for a rich and functional user environment. This is suitable for operational staff as well as managers, CEOs, and CIOs.

Here are some examples of business analytics functionality to expect in 2011: sales dashboard, sales plan vs. actual dashboard, vendor analysis, production cost simulator, profit/loss analysis.

Research is currently underway to bring in-memory computing to SAP Business All-in-One solutions. The SAP HANA appliance software will be used in conjunction with SAP ERP rapid deployment solutions for operational reporting. The areas of financial reporting, sales reporting, procurement reporting, shipping reporting, and master data reporting will benefit from the first efforts to bring SAP HANA to small and medium companies.

This possibility came about after SAP chose to make SAP ERP rapid deployment solutions available to the SME sector. Rapid deployment solutions initially were designed for large enterprise as low time-to-cost solutions for specific lines-of-business. As it turns out, these attributes also perfectly suit SMEs. By making rapid deployment solutions available to SME channel partners, SAP doubled its package solutions for this sector overnight.

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Business All-in-One offers four options for SMEs to become mobile (screenshot: SAP)
Business All-in-One offers four options for SMEs to become mobile (screenshot: SAP)

Peruse your mobile options

By now, all companies, regardless of size, should be in the process of deciding whether mobility makes sense for them. With Business All-in-One solutions, small and medium businesses have the possibility to become mobile enterprises.

In 2011, Business All-in-One will focus on providing SMEs with several mobile options to suit their needs. These are: direct VPN access, WEB services, Cloud computing, and the Sybase Unwired Platform.