Startup, Meet Starter Package

Good things come in small packages like SAP’s new starter packages for Business One (image: Fotolia)
Good things + small packages = starter packages for SAP Business One (image: Fotolia)

SAP’s solutions for small and medium enterprises – SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business ByDesign, and SAP Business One – are designed to provide even mini companies with the big benefits of enterprise software.

Still, some startups might take one look at all that coverage (from Financials to Manufacturing to Service) and think, That would be great once my business gets off the ground, but right now I just need something to get me started – as soon as possible.

At least, that’s what SAP channel partners were hearing from numerous small businesses. Thus, the birth of starter packages for SAP Business One. Now, startups can get the benefits of an integrated business management solution via these scaled-down Business One functions:

  • basic accounting and finance
  • sales and customer relationship management
  • purchasing and supplier relationship management
  • inventory and distribution
  • reporting
  • administration

Starter packages equip one to five users. Implementation takes only three to 10 days. One blogger in the SAP Community Network was a little dubious: “Is this really possible?” Here’s the gist of the replies he received. Of course, the implementation timeline depends on the scope of the project, but in an ideal situation – read no customization or add-ons – it is definitely possible to go live in three to 10 days.

When it’s time to upgrade to a standard SAP Business One solution, there is no configuration necessary. And you only pay for the new functionality. The starter packages themselves are offered at a reduced price from Business One. SAP partners in some regions also offer a fixed price package which includes the software and implementation.

Starter packages for SAP Business One are available in every language and country where Business One solutions are offered. That’s over 80 countries, 40 country versions, and 25 languages.

Starter packages come with SAP Crystal Reports and pre-built dashboards (screenshot: Youtube, duffyrichard)
Starter packages come with SAP Crystal Reports and pre-built dashboards (screenshot: Youtube, duffyrichard)