SAP’s OnDemand Offerings

From SAP Career OnDemand through SAP Sales OnDemand: an overview of current and planned software (photo: Fotolia)
The OnDemand portfolio from SAP Career OnDemand to SAP Sales OnDemand (photo: Fotolia)

GMX and Yahoo were the trailblazers. To write an e-mail, you just opened the Internet browser, entered the Web service’s URL, logged on as user, and started typing.

With its range of on-demand software, SAP is adopting a similar approach. Users start the on-demand application by clicking the desktop icon. The application then runs on the Internet browser (Web client). Additional software or hardware – in the form of, for example, server racks – doesn’t have to be installed.

SAP takes care of the hosting. The data is stored at the high-security data centers near SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf and St. Leon-Rot. Companies can choose to hire a whole server for themselves or share a server with other customers (multi-tenancy).

On-demand software gives companies more flexible contract durations and more transparent payment models – in other words, customers only pay for the functions that they really need. As a result, these applications are ideal for small businesses and midsize companies, who, for example, don’t have their own system administrator or don’t have enough space for bulky server racks. But major corporations can also use on-demand software, for instance, to hook up subsidiaries that are too small to run SAP Business All-in-One. This means that many applications can be integrated into SAP ERP.

Read on for an overview of SAP’s on-demand product portfolio. You’ll find more information about:

Do you want to know what’s in the pipeline at SAP in terms of on-demand software?

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Peter Lorenz explains SAP’s cloud strategy at SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando (photo: SAP)
Peter Lorenz explains SAP’s cloud strategy at SAPPHIRE NOW 2011 in Orlando (photo: SAP)

SAP’s Cloud Strategy

A high-end cloud with high-end hardware is how Peter Lorenz, Executive Vice President OnDemand Solutions and Corporate Officer SAP AG, described the principle of the SAP cloud to visitors to SAPPHIRE NOW 2011. The data centers in which the on-demand software is hosted are certified with ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, and ISAW 3402. The software runs on state-of-the-art blade servers with 144 GB and 2 TB main memory.

With its feature pack 3.0, which is scheduled to appear mid-2011, SAP Business ByDesign – also known as the “mini business suite” or the “on-demand suite” – has been optimized to cater to industry heavyweights with small branches. SAP Business Suite, SAP Business All-in-One, and SAP ERP would be much too big for these subsidiaries, who only need a certain range of functions, and SAP Business ByDesign contains all the features required. In the future, on-premise and on-demand software will merge to form hybrid models.

SAP also has plans to invest in the public cloud – in other words, on-demand software that is available to everyone. SAP Store, which will be released at the same time as feature pack 3.0 for SAP Business ByDesign, will then serve as the new online sales channel. In SAP Store, partners will offer their add-ons and apps, which users will be able to purchase to enhance their SAP Business ByDesign software. Customers will be able to buy the apps immediately with a mere click. And it will also be possible to test applications. Test versions will be valid for 30 days.

The topic of mobility is also high on the agenda. From iPads, PlayBooks, iPhones, HTC phones, through Android smartphones – business software is set to become available on all mobile devices in the future. For SAP Business ByDesign, SAP StreamWork, and SAP Carbon Track (Carbon Impact), apps are already available in the iTunes Store. On the SAP Business ByDesign Platform (PaaS), partners have the opportunity to develop further mobile applications.

SAP Sales OnDemand: access all your vital sales activities online while you’re away from your desk (screenshot: SAP)
SAP Sales OnDemand: access all your vital sales activities online while you’re away from your desk (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Sales OnDemand

This on-demand software for sales employees was unveiled at CeBIT 2011. The application is designed to bring all-important social media functions to companies.

In the main menu, users can see Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities, Analysis, Competitors, Products, and Employees. Similar to Facebook, users have an overview of all their colleagues’ status updates. By clicking a colleague’s icon, all the information about his or her activities and projects is displayed. What’s more, you can “follow” certain colleagues, as in Twitter, and send them messages.

Go to the SAP Sales OnDemand web site to register for a 30 day Free Trial.

Colleagues’ status messages are displayed (screenshot: SAP)
Colleagues’ status messages are displayed (screenshot: SAP)
SAP CRM is also available on-demand (screenshot: SAP AG)
SAP CRM is also available on-demand (screenshot: SAP)

SAP CRM OnDemand

In fact SAP CRM OnDemand is no longer available. Therefore you only get a short description. With CRM OnDemand, marketing and sales departments can analyze and plan sales transactions, as well as develop campaigns. It can also be used for following up leads where customers or prospects are assigned to different segments.

SAP CRM OnDemand provides functions for opportunity management because users can manage and monitor key figures with the application. Furthermore, sales employees can determine their goals and monitor their activities. There’s also a calendar for entering appointments and managing tasks.

Companies that have to process customer inquiries several times a day can do so using a desktop application (help desk). The software generates special service tickets. Employees can then analyze the services provided and take a look at response times and duration of repair.

SAP CRM OnDemand is available in these languages: English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. The software can also be hooked up to the e-mail programs Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes.

The “mini business suite” – SAP Business ByDesign (screenshot: SAP)
The “mini business suite” – SAP Business ByDesign (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Business ByDesign – A Suite On-Demand

SAP Business ByDesign is informally known as the “mini business suite,” because it maps all the key functions and processes of a company. These include customer relationship management, financials, project management, human resources, supplier relationship management, manufacturing, and logistics. Customers can choose which modules they’d like to use. Once they’ve decided, they simply hire them.

Unlike the mighty SAP Business Suite, SAP Business ByDesign has been pared down to the most important functions needed by small companies and midsize businesses. The software can go live within a few weeks.

The price of SAP Business ByDesign is also far more attractive than that of on-premise software such as SAP Business All-in-One. SAP offers starter packs for CRM, ERP, and service providers. The CRM starter pack is available from €79 per user per month. It’s worth implementing the software if you have 10 or more users.

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At SAP Store, partners will soon be able to provide their add-ons for SAP Business ByDesign (photo: Frank Völkel)
At SAP Store, partners will soon be able to provide their add-ons for SAP Business ByDesign (photo: Frank Völkel)
SAP Sales OnDemand’s Analytic Dashboard (screenshot: SAP)
SAP Sales OnDemand’s Analytic Dashboard (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Career OnDemand

SAP is currently developing an on-demand offering  for the talent management space called SAP Career OnDemand. The first release is planned for the first half of 2012 and will focus on employee performance management and career development. It is intended for large enterprises.

With this on-demand solution, SAP introduces innovative concepts for planning and executing  performance and development goals. The solution aligns goals with daily work so that better business results can be achieved. SAP Career OnDemand puts networking and professional collaboration at the center of the solution, connecting people and enabling informal learning.

Like other on-demand offerings targeted at lines of business, SAP Career OnDemand follows a very employee-centric design approach.  The new solution aims to keep employees engaged and help them to grow professionally.

Who uses how much? CO2 emissions can be measured using SAP Carbon Impact (screenshot: SAP)
Who uses how much? CO2 emissions can be measured using SAP Carbon Impact (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Carbon Impact

Sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important for companies, and not just so they can claim to be “green” in their marketing material, but also because they need to meet legal requirements.

With SAP Carbon Impact, all of a company’s CO2 emissions can be managed and monitored, from the production chain to the choice of a company car. Data from up to 10 buildings can be evaluated. Various dashboards display up-to-the-minute status reports and CO2 emissions.

To comply with the law, a number of templates and industry standards can be implemented.

SAP Carbon Impact is suitable for up to 12 users. Click here to find partners from whom you can buy the solution.

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Entering business trips and expenses with SAP Travel OnDemand (screenshot: SAP)
Entering business trips and expenses with SAP Travel OnDemand (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Travel OnDemand

SAP Travel OnDemand is SAP’s software for business trips. It can be directly connected with SAP ERP HCM and SAP ERP Financials. From trip requests through expense reports, entire business trips can be planned using SAP Travel OnDemand. The software also works while employees are on the road: Using their smartphone cameras, employees can photograph all documents and invoices, then upload them, and add them to their expense reports.

SAP Travel OnDemand is optimized for iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerrys and will be released at the start of 2012. For more information, check out our article: Up in the Cloud.

SAP Sourcing OnDemand

With SAP Sourcing OnDemand, companies can access important SRM functions such as procurement and contract management and supplier relationship management from their Internet browser. The software comes equipped with all the key best practices. SAP Sourcing OnDemand maps all the processes that regularly occur in a company.

Once the solution has been launched, a dashboard displays all the current activities. Users can create reports and show all the transactions as graphics, too.

SAP Sourcing OnDemand enables colleagues to work together on a project, manage supplier information, and communicate with suppliers in real time. Electronic signatures can also be inserted at the end of contracts.

What’s more, SAP Sourcing OnDemand follows key compliance regulations.

For more information about the software and implementation partners, go to the SAP Sourcing OnDemand Web site or read our article Presenting SAP Sourcing OnDemand.

Analyses, forecasts, and simulations with SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand (screenshot: SAP)
Analyses, forecasts, and simulations with SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand (screenshot: SAP)

SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand

Smaller companies may find SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 too unwieldy, but we have some good news: They can use its key functions online in the form of SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand.

SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand provides analysis functions, templates, and dashboards to generate reports and forecasts. To create analyses and reports, users can upload tables from different sources. All data is taken into consideration in the evaluation.

A particularly practical feature is that employees no longer need to e-mail reports, because the software runs on the Web browser. It’s enough for the recipient to have authorization and be able to log on. And not only reports can be generated with the software, but also interactive graphics and dashboards.

You can download a free test version of SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand here. And on the Web site, you’ll find information about implementation partners in your region.

Simple to configure: SAP StreamWork enterprise edition (screenshot: SAP)
Simple to configure: SAP StreamWork enterprise edition (screenshot: SAP)

SAP StreamWork

SAP StreamWork transports the advantages of Facebook & Co. into the workplace. Thanks to the software, several colleagues can work on the same project at the same time, exchange information, and send messages. SAP StreamWork is ideal for companies whose employees work at different locations and who can’t get together regularly for meetings at headquarters.

The software can be used to exchange agendas and create surveys. And with version 2.0, a chat function has been added.

According to companies’ needs, there are three different versions of SAP StreamWork: the basic edition, the professional edition, and the enterprise edition. The basic edition is free-of-charge. With it, users can call up status messages, take a look at activities, and upload comments and files. Up to five activities are possible for each individual user, and these activities are stored for a year. Each company receives 250 MB memory per user.

The professional edition costs U.S.$9 per user per month and licenses are valid for a year. Unlike the basic edition, companies can create up to 100 activities. The professional edition has 5 GB memory, and all projects and activities are stored for two years.

Customers pay U.S.$16 per user per month for the enterprise edition. In return, they get to use a wide range of additional functions such as security features and audits. Up to 200 activities are stored for three years, and companies get 10 GB memory.

Click here for information about partners.

You can read more about SAP StreamWork here:

Additional functions are just a click away in SAP Store (screenshot: SAP)
Additional functions are just a click away in SAP Store (screenshot: SAP)

SAP Supplier Management OnDemand

Supplier Management OnDemand provides companies with a central data store for their supplier relationships. The application comprises functions such as project management, analyses, monitoring of supplier services, and cost monitoring.

The application is directly integrated with SAP ERP and all it takes is one transaction to exchange all the necessary data. As a result, changes made online are immediately transferred to the ERP system.

SAP Supplier Management OnDemand also has numerous collaboration functions. This means that a company can work together with its suppliers on projects and use the software to communicate. The suppliers are given access to all the functions they need, including their profile, and they can add further functions. There’s also a discussion board for users to ask and answer questions. What’s more, it’s possible to create role-based dashboards.

SAP Supplier Management OnDemand enables organizations to measure and analyze their suppliers’ services. For example, all activities can be entered and monitored, and users can predefine scorecards.

SAP Supplier Management OnDemand works well when combined with SAP Sourcing OnDemand.

Many on-demand applications are now available as mobile apps (photo: grasundsterne)
Many on-demand applications are now available as mobile apps (photo: grasundsterne)

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand is SAP’s on-demand software for procurement. It meets the most important requirements of contract management. For example, the software provides preconfigured forms, in which contract clauses are already defined, and electronic signatures.

SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand helps employees draw up contracts, price agreements, and conditions.

The software can be integrated with Microsoft Word, enabling all contracts to be created using a word-processing program with which most employees are familiar. Reports and alerts can also be generated using SAP Contract Lifecycle Management OnDemand. In addition, there are functions for contract lookup, contract history listing, and audit management.

The software can be fully integrated with SAP ERP.