The Unwired Enterprise


Just as mobility has become part of people’s daily lives, it is now taking its place in the enterprise, as well. Initially delayed by concerns over security and the quality of mobile applications, business mobility is now catching up with its consumer counterpart through new innovations that boldly promise to unwire the enterprise and empower mobile workers. “Mobility is the new front end to business applications, and mobile devices are the new desktop,” declared SAP co-CEO Jim Snabe at the SAP Influencer Summit in December. Sensing freedom and greater efficiency, mobile workers are on the move.

SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott says, “If you look at business users today, they are mobile and prefer to have an application on their hip as opposed to being tethered to a line.” The ranks of the mobile workforce are swelling, with the number of mobile workers expected to exceed 2 billion by 2014. Companies are rapidly integrating mobile technology into their business strategies now with the goal of gaining competitive advantages over the next two to five years.

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