SAP Partner News 25/2011

Alivello bases its B2B marketing on SAP Business Communications Management (image: Fotolia) (Grafik: Fotolia)
Alivello bases its marketing on SAP Business Communications Management (image: Fotolia)

HumanConcepts unveils new suite for organizational planning

HumanConcepts has announced a new software suite for planning organizational structures. This SaaS platform is to enable users to visualize and analyze employee information, as well as manage organizational changes. Comprised of fully integrated components, the suite also comes with a user-configurable interface.

HumanConcepts Organizational Planning Suite includes components for visualization, planning and modeling, and archiving, along with a connector that facilitates both company-wide and mobile access. The suite is capable of merging data from applications for talent management, human capital management, enterprise resource planning, and other areas, and is to be offered in SaaS and on-premise versions.

Atos acquires Siemens IT Solutions and Services

The international IT service provider Atos has completed its purchase of Siemens IT Solutions and Services. The company has also signed a seven-year, 5.5 billion IT outsourcing contract with Siemens. According to its own figures, Atos is now one of the top 10 IT service providers in the world, with its recent acquisition having doubled its capacity in managed services. The company’s 30 data centers, 900,000 SAP users, and 90,000 supported servers now also make Atos one of the providers of cloud computing.

OpenText introduces Integration Center 8

The native connector Integration Center 8 is designed to simplify access to various information sources and types – whether structured or unstructured – from within OpenText ECM Suite 2010. The solution supports application scenarios involving the integration of company systems, the decommissioning of legacy systems, content migration, and the management of locally stored data.

In the partner news from recent weeks, takes a look at real-time quality management with MES CAT Suite, audit-proof sales tax checking with MSecureTrade, and cloud management with vFabric 5 from VMware.

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Alivello bases its B2B marketing on SAP Business Communications Management (image: Fotolia)
Alivello bases its B2B marketing on SAP Business Communications Management (image: Fotolia)

Uniorg conducts implementation of  SAP Business Communications Management

The B2B telemarketing specialist Alivello recently chose to implement the IP-based solution SAP Business Communications Management. Uniorg handled the corresponding project in four weeks, which included integrating the software into Alivello’s central SAP system. SAP Business Communications Management contains outbound functions and options for campaign analytics and address validation. It also serves as a standardized IP communication platform that handles incoming and outgoing contacts on all channels, making parallel operations with different telecommunications equipment obsolete.

VMware releases vFabric 5 for cloud environments

Having combined the Spring development framework for Java and vFabric application services, VMware now offers an integrated application platform for virtual and cloud environments. vFabric 5 comes with a flexible packaging and licensing model that ensures customers pay only for the licenses they actually use and don’t have to acquire software in anticipation of peak load times. The platform leverages the advantages of the server architecture vSphere and utilizes storage bundling to facilitate optimized storage management across multiple Java applications. Customers should thus profit from the increased efficiency afforded by greater application-server density.

T.Con’s MES CAT Suite integrated into SAP ERP

To optimize information flows between production and enterprise resource planning, the Perlen Packaging group has linked its installation of SAP ERP with the Web-based MES CAT Suite from T.Con. The group, which manufactures blister foil for the pharmaceutical industry, can thus track production within its SAP ERP application in real time. SAP production orders are available directly within the MES CAT Suite, and data on quality and testing entered in the solution are documented in the quality management component of SAP ERP. Meanwhile, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse performs analyses of yield, postprocessed quantities, and production times.