Partner News 27/2011

Apps4erp is the online portal for SAP add-ons (image: Fotolia)
Apps4erp is the online portal for SAP add-ons (image: Fotolia) Bundled HR Solutions

At, the online portal for SAP add-ons, HR solutions are easy to locate. The latest add-ons can be found under the category, “ERP Human Capital Management.” There, HR departments will find software for application management, time recording, as well as personnel accounting and administration. Several companies are offering HR add-ons, including NorthgateArinso, switspot, FIS Informationssysteme, and C1 Solutions. According to, as many as 14,000 people use the portal each month to learn about SAP add-ons.

All for One Midmarket: Growth in OnDemand Business

All for One Midmarket AG reports business growth in SAP Business ByDesign. One new customer is the German company, Gesellschaft für integrierte Systemplanung (GiS), which provides maintenance solutions for distributed power generation facilities. In addition, All for One Midmarket and GiS now have partnership agreements, where GiS is a reseller and solution partner for SAP Business ByDesign.

GiS plans to authorize 70 users out of its 82 total employees and to deploy the on-demand software in the areas of finance, customer relationship management, and project management. In the future, GiS anticipates developing apps to enhance SAP Business ByDesign and to expand it to a Computerized Management System.

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Abayoo: App for SAP Business ByDesign

Abayoo Business Network GmbH released an app that enables mobile access to HR databases in SAP Business ByDesign. With the app, it’s possible to access contact information in the employee database from your iPhone, so you can get in touch with employees directly by email or phone call. Further supplements for SAP Business ByDesign are still in the planning stage.

OpenText: Speedy Travel Expense Reporting

With the OpenText solution integrated into SAP Travel Management, receipts can be digitally captured and added to expense reports. The product, which is now available, will be sold under the name SAP Travel Receipts Management by OpenText as part of the reseller agreement. Support for fax machines, scanners, and email applications makes processing receipts easy.

The solution enables employees to capture their receipts during the actual trip with a smartphone camera. The receipts are saved as picture files and linked to the trip information so that they can always be called up later in the SAP user environment. According to OpenText, the manual processing of travel expenses costs on average 22.15 USD. That’s more than double what a completely automated process costs.