Mobile Business ByDesign

Access all essential information with the mobile version of Business ByDesign (photo: grasundsterne)
Access essential information with the mobile version of SAP Business ByDesign (photo: grasundsterne)

The mobile version of SAP Business ByDesign gives you more than just a program; it puts your whole company on your iPhone or iPad. And that’s just the beginning: With the SDK that SAP released six months ago, partners can program their own add-ons for the company’s on-demand solution.

The SDK also paves the way for new apps that facilitate mobile access to SAP Business ByDesign and enrich the solution with further enhancements, such as Web content, user interfaces, forms, and industry-specific functions.

SAP Business ByDesign mobile

SAP Business ByDesign is an on-demand solution you can access through a Web browser to handle all of your company’s essential processes. One further highlight of the solution is how it enables you to start small and get to the complete suite at your own speed. The payment model of the so-called starter packages for CRM, ERP, and Professional Services reflects this flexibility, as well, with implementation prices ranging from €10,000 for the CRM starter package to €34,900 for the Professional Services version. The available packages also involve monthly fees of between €79 and €133 per user.

The app for iPhone and iPad

Those who have already been using feature pack 2.6 have had the option of utilizing SAP Business ByDesign on their iPhones, iPads, and BlackBerries, which gives them access to business data and status updates while on the go. The app also enables CEOs to pass on price lists and offers, view incoming payments, and generate personalized reports. Sales employees, meanwhile, can use it to manage their leads and opportunities.

The mobile app is available at no cost on Apple’s App Store, but does, of course, require you to be using the full version of SAP Business ByDesign. After downloading the app, you’ll only need to enter the same username and password with which you log into the solution on your desktop.

Available in Chinese, English, French, and German, the SAP Business ByDesign app’s functional scope is nothing if not broad: With it, you can call up customer contacts; look through contact histories; check product availability; generate leads, opportunities, and sales orders; and manage collections and expense accounts – even when not at the office. The app also offers numerous analytical functions that make it possible to view key figures and create comparisons of current and target values.

Feature pack 3.0 supports more smartphones

Generally speaking, it’s possible to run the SAP Business ByDesign app on both iPhone and iPad. The app’s interface, however, is only optimized for the former device. This is to change with feature pack 3.0, which is still set for release in mid-2011. The next feature pack will also bring the mobile version of the solution to Windows Phone devices.

For some time, iPad users have also had SAP Business ByDesign Dashboard at their disposal. This separate app mainly enables you to perform analyses, create worksheets and reports, rearrange information, and make additions. If you find yourself without enough time to write something down, you can also record it with the app’s dictation function.

Since SAP released the aforementioned SDK for SAP Business ByDesign, partners of the company have been hard at work programming add-ons and other apps that promise new functionality through access to the solution. Abayoo, for example, recently brought an app to market with which iPhone users can call up contact information from their company’s address book and employee database.

In Mobile Project Management, Data One has launched an enhancement for the Mobile Player component of SAP Business ByDesign. This mobile app is designed to support the work of project managers who use iPhone, iPad, or BlackBerry devices.

Finally, at the CeBIT stand of SAP partner Steeb this year, Siller AG showed off a mobile application that makes it possible to enter orders and reports and access product catalogs while on the move.