SAP Partner News 29/2011

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Implico’s Logistics Add-On Package is designed for the oil & gas industry (Foto: Fotolia)

Implico offering add-on for logistics component of SAP ERP

Implico’s Integrated Logistics Add-On Package (ILAP) enhances the functionality of the logistics component in the current version of SAP ERP. Primarily designed for the oil and gas industry, the add-on supports efficient materials planning and provides methods of handling cyclical redelivery and generating consumption forecasts. Version 1.0 is now available and comprises the following components:

  • Integrated dispatch management (IDM): IDM gives planners a graphical tool they can use to select orders on a map and assign both drivers and trucks.
  • Continuous product replenishment (CPR): Offers enhanced functions for the CPR process within the application SAP Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution, such as consumption forecasts based on weather conditions and statistics
  • Sales promotions: Conducts promotional sales activities on the basis of a set time period or range of products by contacting customers by mail or e-mail; orders can be created directly from within this component upon customer response
  • Petroleum reports: Gives companies in Germany reporting functionality that meets the applicable legal requirements and delivers data on crude oil purchasing, refinery products, inventory, and more

TransitionWorks eases transition from BPCS to SAP ERP

Customers who use the ERP system BPCS from TransitionWorks and want to migrate to SAP ERP can now rest assured that their certified applications will transition seamlessly to SAP’s ecosystem. Meanwhile, those already using SAP ERP also have the option of implementing TransitionWorks solutions in the areas of data entry, mobile use, and RFID.

Computacenter to manage IT infrastructure for Koelnmesse

Starting in 2012, Computacenter will be responsible for all IT operations at the event center Koelnmesse. The corresponding managed service contract includes the provision and operation of IT infrastructure, as well as the operation of standard and custom applications. In addition to rolling out new devices and network infrastructure, Computacenter will provide infrastructure from its own data center. This will enable the company to handle Koelnmesse’s event access system and offer a centralized user helpdesk.

cormeta presents new component for SAP CRM

With a new component for SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), cormeta is enabling companies to conduct targeted marketing campaigns by mail. The Web-based component works with Adobe Interactive Forms to produce fully documented serial letters. According to cormeta, the add-on can be used with the current version of SAP CRM in virtually any industry.

Campaigns generated in the Web client can be exported in PDF format and printed. Meanwhile, one of the component’s main advantages lies in how it archives every aspect of written correspondence – including addresses and background information – in an audit-proof manner. It can also integrate and verify addresses imported into SAP CRM by means of external list management.

Crossgate finds partner for SAP e-invoicing

In First Businesspost, Crossgate has found a regional partner for selling SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance by Crossgate in the German market. The two e-invoicing providers are now collaborating closely on rolling out the supplier integration application. In addition, e-invoicing customers now have both Crossgate’s B2B network and that of First Businesspost at their disposal.

Within this cooperative arrangement, First Businesspost will be supporting the EDI interface to SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance by Crossgate, which gives suppliers more options in electronic invoice transfer. The suppliers First Businesspost serves can thus also make themselves “SAP-ready” without incurring additional costs.

Gisa now a thrice-certified SAP partner

Gisa GmbH has once again received SAP certification as a provider of hosting and application management services. The IT service provider also obtained certification for the first time in the area of cloud computing. Gisa has been an SAP hosting partner since 2003, as well as a partner in application management services since 2007.