SAP’s Ultimate Travel Challenge

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Travel Challenge Dashboard based on SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (photo: SAP)

Your challenge: You must organize a two-day getaway for 15 people to celebrate a friend’s birthday. You can go anywhere in the world on a generous budget of $300,000. To win, you have to spend down as much of your budget as possible while showing your travel companions a good time, complete with a well-rounded itinerary. If that sounds easy enough, try this: travel scenarios and budgets rotate with each fresh start and you have only 3.5 minutes to organize your trip. And remember, don’t go over budget.

That’s the predicament presented by SAP’s Ultimate Travel Challenge Dashboard, a new game that tests your decision-making capabilities in a fast-paced environment. The game, designed by SAP Global Marketing, showcases the business intelligence capabilities of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (formerly known as Xcelsius Engage) one of the SAP Crystal solutions. SAP Crystal solutions 2011 which was launched into market this summer, bring affordable business intelligence to companies. By harnessing disparate data and turning it into actionable intelligence, SAP Crystal solutions enable business professionals to make fact-based decisions quickly, driving productivity and boosting efficiency. This latest release offers enhanced reporting, real-time dashboards, and data exploration. And the benefits are not for business professionals alone. The user self-serve features free up valuable time for IT professionals. Application developers can also extend apps with business intelligence under tight deadlines.

Once you are finished playing the game, having made it through your five travel-planning steps, the Travel Challenge Dashboard presents you with a score and a generalized ranking based on how much of your budget was spent and how fast you completed your travel planning. It also assesses your travel planning style based on the choices you made during the game. In case some of this feedback comes as a surprise to you, you have the option of analyzing your performance using the reporting capabilities of SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. A set of graphs shows how you performed in the different segments of the game and where you may have made that fatal, off-the-cuff decision that doomed your travel companions to washing dishes to pay for their flight home. In the spirit of good gaming, this game is extended to include rankings of other users and a chance to win prizes, including two $500 Visa gift cards, drawn monthly, plus additional chances to win through sharing your results on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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