SAP Partner News 32/2011

Digital signatures can speed up subsidy applications considerably (image: Fotolia)
Digital signatures can speed up subsidy applications considerably (image: Fotolia)

Innobis AG unveils digital signature prototype

At SAP’s recent conference for the banking industry, Innobis AG unveiled a prototype for applying digital signatures to applications for construction subsidies. In the future, these applications could be verified online by the digital signatures on Germany’s new ID cards and quickly imported into SAP systems.

Camelot ITLab helping Wilo implement SAP SCM

Wilo, a manufacturer of pumps and pump systems, is implementing the demand and supply network planning component of SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) at its more than 30 sales branches around the world. Handling the optimization of the company’s demand planning is the IT consultancy Camelot ITLab.

In this endeavor, Wilo is seeking to increase transparency in its production planning and the accuracy of its demand projections. Automatic forecasts, meanwhile, are to reduce manual entry and the attendant risk of error. The planning processes involved in a number of Wilo products will even be fully automated.

Seeburger guiding customers through transitions in the cloud

For many customers, leaving the cloud or switching providers can be difficult. One of the organizations that has recognized this is Seeburger AG, which often sees its clients lacking a clear exit management strategy and struggling with data transfers due to provider-specific interfaces. Seeburger believes it is important to enable customers to leave the cloud at any time, no matter whether they use standard or custom solutions. As a conversion specialist, the company also helps others leave the clouds of third-party providers while taking their data with them.

Seeburger offers the following exit solutions:

  • Managed Private Cloud Services: full transfer to Seeburger’s data center
  • Collaborative Business Cloud: for companies with a large number of suppliers
  • Wim Cloud Services: aids utility companies in Germany in adjusting to the regulations of the country’s Federal Network Agency on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in a timely, legally compliant fashion
  • Logistic Solution Professional (LSP): for companies in the discrete manufacturing and automotive industries
  • Business Integration Server (BIS): an integration platform and exit tool for universal cloud enablement

Retarus obtains certification for cloud-based fax service

The cloud-based fax service interface Retarus® Faxolution® 2.1 has received the certification “Integration with SAP NetWeaver” from SAP. Faxolution makes it possible to send quotations, delivery documents, and invoices in a secure, automated fashion from SAP systems through Retarus’s cloud infrastructure. Over a thousand companies are already using the service; those interested can integrate Faxolution into their SAP systems within just 48 hours.

Itelligence enters into SAP Business All-in-One cooperation

Itelligence and ecotel have entered into a partnership in hopes of providing interested sales and consulting partners throughout Germany with SAP-related project support and business solutions. Their offerings include tailored complete packages consisting of
SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions, the corresponding Internet access bandwidth, and MPLS-VPN services.

From handling lead notifications from potential customers to providing consulting, assembling offers, and presenting their packages, the two companies render whatever support their clients need. They will also be offering partner workshops in a number of German cities throughout the rest of September. The workshops will be in German. To register, point your browser here.