SAP Partner News 33/2011

According to a recent Deloitte study, analog electronics have had their day (image: Fotolia)
According to a recent Deloitte study, analog electronics have had their day (image: Fotolia)

Deloitte study finds that interconnected entertainment electronics are the future

Along with Germany’s Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media (BITKOM), Deloitte has carried out a study on the future of entertainment electronics. The main conclusion? The future belongs to “connected products,” meaning those capable of direct or indirect Internet access.

In addition, customers are demanding products that conserve resources and are easy to use. The apps consumers are favoring at the moment represent one example of this, and TV, audio, and set-top box systems are among the interconnected multimedia products currently on offer. Smartphones, meanwhile, have been the cornerstone of the demand for mobile applications in other segments, as well.

The complete study is available for download in PDF format (German only).

Brocade offering flexible network capacity

In Brocade Network Subscription (BNS), Brocade offers its customers the chance to adjust their network capacity to their changing business requirements. Oriented toward cloud-based IT structures and available on an open-ended basis, the BNS model enables users to add and reconfigure resources as needed. The service is billed monthly, and flexible financing makes the concept suitable for cloud migrations, as well.

itelligence implements SAP Business ByDesign for Wildnissport

After just 16 weeks of implementation, the outdoor specialist Wildnissport GmbH went live with SAP Business ByDesign. During the corresponding project, itelligence AG installed the on-demand solution to cover all of the company’s logistics, including financial accounting, order processing (and labeling), purchasing, and warehousing. Wildnissport’s data is now also available on mobile devices, and the company’s existing online store has been integrated with the help of SAP.

All for One Midmarket subsidiary Process Partner AG continuing success in Switzerland

Process Partner AG, a subsidiary of All for One Midmarket AG in St. Gallen (Switzerland), supports the SAP system processes of service companies. Having been on the market for 15 years, Process Partner AG now has 50 customers and serves a total of 25,000 SAP users. The company has also received the SAP Quality Award and the SAP Global Business Partner Award in the category “Best Performance Worldwide” for carrying out rapid SAP implementations for small businesses and midsize companies.

Meanwhile, CEO Michael Rothmund sees connecting virtually all employees with their company’s SAP ERP system as a special requirement in the service industry. Specific demands with regard to time recording, expenses, and skill-based resource and capacity planning also need to be taken into account.

Crossgate enters into EDI cooperation in Vietnam

Crossgate, a provider of solutions for B2B integration, has begun collaborating with the outsourcing service provider FPT Software of Vietnam. This cooperation will initially be based on FPT Software performing development and consulting services for Crossgate. The two companies also have designs on carrying out joint EDI and invoicing projects in the future.

In its domestic market, FPT Software offers services related to ERP implementations, outsourcing, quality assurance, and migrations. Its development and consulting arrangement with Crossgate will initially involve providing EDI business partner profiles, with Crossgate rendering specific EDI consulting services in return.

BPC AG presents book on SAP for Utilities

The consulting company BPC recently unveiled a new book, SAP for Utilities – das umfassende Handbuch für Energieversorger (“A Comprehensive Handbook for Utility Companies”). BPC believes that its experience in the field of utilities has made the book a practical and comprehensible reference guide. In addition to providing detailed insights into processes and customization, its 633 pages can teach readers how to integrate SAP for Utilities solutions into broader SAP systems. The authors also demonstrate how to cope with the market liberalization taking place within the industry.

The book is available (in German) for €79.90 at these links:

Those interested can also download a sample excerpt in PDF format here.