Tune In to TechEd 2011

SAP Executive Board Member Vishal Sikka and SCN SVP Mark Yolton chat at TechEd(screenshot: SAP SCN)
Interview: SAP Executive Board Member Vishal Sikka and SCN SVP Mark Yolton (screenshot: SAP SCN)

SAP TechEd 2011 kicked off in Las Vegas in mid-September; next up is Bangalore in October, followed by Madrid and Beijing in November. If you can’t wait, however, for TechEd to come to you, why not experience the Las Vegas keynotes, Demo Jams, lectures, and interviews again (or for the first time) on SAP TechEd Online?

The site provides you with numerous video replays of the event and exclusive interviews with SAP and industry experts. We had a glance at the offerings and compiled a must-watch list. Keep an eye out for new content added after each SAP TechEd event.

This five minute video gives a great overview of the main points in Vishal Sikka’s keynote speech on SAP HANA without the 75 minute investment. To find out where SAP is on its in-memory road map, see SAP.info’s article, “HANA Takes Over TechEd.”

Listen to Oliver Bussmann’s take on the difficulty of being CIO in a technology company where every employee is an expert.

Check out this cool collaboration tool that ultimately made Marek Kowalkiewicz the Demo Jam winner.

This session gives you an overview of the various paths you can take toward unwiring your enterprise without going into the nitty gritty developer details.

This session tells you where the Sybase solution portfolio integrates into the SAP portfolio and what you can expect to see down the road. For more information on Sybase and SAP collaboration projects, see SAP.info’s article, “5 Mobile Apps from SAP Partners.”