Measuring Mobility

Aberdeen and SAP developed two online surveys that measure enterprise mobility (image: Fotolia)
Aberdeen and SAP developed online surveys to measure enterprise mobility. (image: Fotolia)

In recent months, has illuminated various aspects of enterprise mobility, from the latest trends and statistics, through mobile management solutions offered by SAP and Sybase, to mobile applications developed by SAP and its partners. If you missed these articles the first time around, here is a sampling of our recent coverage of mobile topics:

Mobility in the enterprise

As we reported, most companies already have begun to implement mobile apps and devices in the workplace. At the moment, the focus is primarily on mobile software for CRM and Workforce Management, but the adoption of enterprise mobility differs, of course, from industry to industry and market to market.

So how can businesses find out exactly how they measure up to their peers and competitors in terms of mobility? That’s where the Aberdeen Mobility Maturity Benchmark Tool comes in.

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Two surveys to measure mobility

Aberdeen conducts research studies which help businesses make better-informed decisions, and now, together with SAP, the company has developed two interactive, online surveys that will allow businesses to measure the maturity of their mobile strategy.

One survey measures the usage of mobile enterprise applications (MEAP); the other measures the usage of mobile device management (MDM) solutions. Businesses that complete one or both of the surveys will receive a scorecard that demonstrates how they stack up against other companies around the world, shares the best practices of their peers, and gives custom recommendations to help improve their mobile usage.

Scorecards based on a wealth of data

Aberdeen has collected a wealth of data from previously conducted benchmark studies that reflect mobility trends across all four global regions. The participants in those previous studies were categorized into the following groups according to their ability to hit specific targets: Best-in-Class (the top 20% of performers), Industry Average (the middle 50%), and Below Industry Average (the bottom 30%). Aberdeen then determined which process, organizational, and technology traits were exhibited most frequently by the Best-in-Class companies.

Using this information for the current survey, Aberdeen is able to create scorecards that show how companies’ responses compare to the answers of their peers. Businesses are able to see exactly where there is room for improvement and further investment. In addition to the scorecard, survey participants will also receive the full report on the particular benchmark (either MEAP or MDM, or both).

Surveys available online

The survey to measure the use of mobile enterprise applications can be found here; the survey to measure the use of mobile device management solutions can be found here. Both surveys will be available through the end of 2012.