Partner News 40/2011

Speedy implementation of Business ByDesign. (Photo: Fotolia)
An SAP Business ByDesign implementation in just 12 hours? It’s possible. (Photo: Fotolia)

All for One implements CRM starter package in 12 hours

In what has to be a new world record, the SAP service provider All for One needed just 12 hours to implement the CRM starter package for SAP Business ByDesign at Rossimedia. Still not impressed? The solution also went live immediately. Rossimedia and its 15 employees – whose more prominent work has included handling advertising, layout work, printing, and marketing for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest – can now access their new CRM solution even when on the move.

itelligence AG: SAP Gold Partner in DACH region

Three golds for itelligence AG: The IT service provider is the only company to hold SAP Gold Partner status in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Performance, new solution development, and participation in training all play a part in achieving SAP’s highest seal of approval. In return, SAP involves itelligence early on in the process of developing new software, product strategies, and updates and keeps the company up to speed on its current road maps.

Linde Stapler Cup demonstrates 3D warehouse visualization in SAP

At the Linde Stapler Cup – a competition for forklift operators – the system ICS SLS for SAP made it possible to show live 3D images of the event on a big screen, with ICS International AG itself on hand to provide support. The Stapler Cup also gave spectators an idea of how 3D warehouse visualization is achieved in SAP by outfitting two Linde forklifts with cameras and a software program. In the competition, 12 teams had to unload, inspect, and stock a shipment of goods; handle picking for a sales order; and assemble the corresponding goods for delivery. SAP transactions involving barcode scanning were used for documentation purposes, and the position-finding information was processed in the SAP system. The 3D images enabled all of the attendees to track the goods movements in real time, with the data coming directly from an SAP ERP application – no middleware required. The SAP components Production Planning (PP), Materials Management (MM), Sales & Distribution (SD), and Warehouse Management (WM) can be used in such configurations.

Hype aiding market entry in DACH region

The training provider Hype has begun supporting international SAP partners looking to enter markets in the DACH region. In addition to providing sales coaching, the company advises its clients regarding local sales and marketing strategies. Its services also include a recommendation network and the chance to position corresponding job postings.

New partners: msg Global Solution and OpenText

Thanks to a cooperation between msg Global Solution and OpenText, it’s now even easier to manage correspondence, contracts, and policies in the banking and insurance sector. In particular, this includes credit applications and a records solution for minimizing incident loss. Users receive all of the information important to them at a glance without having to call up various systems – all thanks to an interface between OpenText, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), and SAP for Insurance. For example, a customer contacts a call center to report a loss incident. The employee in question then brings up the customer’s information in SAP CRM, accesses the corresponding customer file from OpenText ECM Suite, and uses SAP for Insurance as needed.

Abayoo GmbH commences training program for SAP Business ByDesign

With the training Abayoo GmbH now offers in SAP Business ByDesign, participants no longer have to worry about long trips to training centers or expensive overnight accommodations: The sessions are held online in a webinar format designed to impart basic knowledge in a three-tier program. Abayoo’s experts also cover ways to create component content and demo versions, as well as various go-live methods.

CIBER Deutschland retains SAP Gold Partner status

The SAP consultancy CIBER Deutschland has once again been named an SAP Gold Partner. As SAP’s highest accolade, this status represents the utmost in quality in solutions and training. CIBER Deutschland sells SAP Business All-in-One and solutions for the mail order industry to companies such as OTTO and Junghans, which use a SAP Business All-in-One solution from the consultancy to handle their online, catalog, and brick-and-mortar business.