Top 10 Business Apps

We tell you about ten useful business apps (image: grasundsterne)

Mobility is a hot topic not only at SAP, but also for the millions of smartphone users around the world. It’s no wonder, then, that our frequent reports on business apps, like the ones listed below, are some of the most-read articles on

But with so many apps out there on the market, you can lose track of what’s on offer fast. Some apps are no longer available, while others have been updated and equipped with new functions. We have selected 10 apps that you’ll find indispensable for your day-to-day business activities:

Mobile office:

1. Office2HD

2. Save2PDF

Task management and appointment planning:

3. CalPrint

Online hard disk:

4. Dropbox

Accessing PCs and company networks:

5. Citrix Receiver

6. Remote Desktop (RDP)

FTP client:

7. FTP On The Go

On business trips:

8. iTranslate

9. Taxi.EU

10. OffMaps 2

Mobile Word Processing with Office2 HD

If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, then you’ll find Office2 HD a must if you want to access and work with your files while you’re away from your desk. The app supports XLS, DOC, PPT, and PDF formats from the Microsoft Office versions 97 through 2010. You can also edit files from Google Docs or MobileMe iDisk using the app on your mobile device.

Whether you want to format, highlight, copy, or paste – Office2 HD enables you to use all the Office functions on your iPhone or iPad, just like you can at your desktop PC. The software supports different fonts and search functions. Images can also be displayed. With Excel files, too, you can access all the necessary features, such as the merge cells function.


$5.99 for the iPhone version
$7.99 for iPad version

Link to iTunes

Word, Excel, PowerPoint on the iPhone and iPad (screenshot: iTunes)

Create PDFs with Save2PDF for iPhone

With Save2PDF, you can create PDFs while you’re on the road. The app supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers files. Photographs and even Web sites can be converted to PDFs. It is also possible to merge different documents together in one PDF. You can merge several whole documents into a single PDF, or you can select a few pages from a file (or files) to create a new PDF containing just the pages you need.

$4.99 for the iPhone version
$6.99 for the iPad version

Link to iTunes

Files can be opened with Save2PDF and then converted to PDF (screenshot: iTunes)

For Different Calendars: CalPrint

CalPrint offers more than just functions for printing out calendars and appointments. Thanks to the app, you can have a constant overview of your appointments and tasks from all calendars, such as Exchange, iCal, or Google Calendar. You can change and synchronize entries while you’re away from your desk, and you can view CalPrint according to day, week, month, or task list. And then you can send your to-do list as a PDF. Using a Bluetooth-, WLAN-, or AirPrint-enabled printer, you can also print out your calendar entries. To use CalPrint, you need iOS 4.

$1.99 for iPhone
$2.99 for iPad

Link to iTunes

Mobile Hard Drive: Dropbox

Do you want to access data like on a hard drive? Dropbox enables you to do this. From videos and photos through documents and tables – with the online memory service, you can save all file formats in a cloud free-of-charge. The first 2 GB won’t cost you a cent. But you can increase the capacity of your Dropbox to 50 GB or 100 GB, for which there is a fee.

Dropbox app gives you access to your personal online hard drive while you’re away from the office. You can create, encrypt, upload, and synchronize folders.

Up to 2 GB, free-of-charge

Link to iTunes

Dropbox gives you access from anywhere (screenshot: iTunes)

Access Your Company Network with Citrix Receiver

Many companies use Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop for their company network. To be able to access your company PC while you’re on the road, there’s Citrix Receiver for the iPhone and iPad. After the user has logged on, the virtual desktop of their office PC appears. From here, all data in the company network can be accessed.

For greater ease of use, the Citrix app offers a virtual keyboard equipped with keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Tab, Esc, Del, Page, and Fn, as well as a cursor. If you put two fingers on the touch display of your iPhone or iPad, you can even simulate a right mouse-click.

Free of charge, but must be set up and released by your company’s IT administrator

Link to iTunes

The Citrix client is also available for iPhones and iPads (screenshot: iTunes)

The PC on the iPhone: Remote Desktop (RDP)

With Remote Desktop (RDP), you can control your desktop PC using your iPhone or iPad. However, you’ll need Windows XP Professional, Vista, or Windows 7 to do this. The app doesn’t work with the Windows Home edition. Remote Desktop (RDP) runs on standard RDP protocol. The app supports printing and 8/16-bit color mode, as well as seven keyboard types, including the standards from the United States, Denmark, Spain, and Canada, and the German QWERTZ and French AZERTY.

iPhone and iPad version: $5.99

Link to iTunes

Access your PC without going near it (screenshot: iTunes)

Mobile FTP Client: FTP On The Go

With FTP on The Go, you can use your iPhone or iPad to upload data to a server. And you can do more than simply create folders on the FTP server; you can also assign special access rights to them. Furthermore, it’s also possible to create zip archives.

With FTP On The Go, you can view and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, and you can upload PDF and JPG files, too. Web administrators and programmers will find the app useful because you can use it to view and edit HTML pages. FTP On The Go supports CSS, JS, PHP, and ASP, in addition to HTML.

If you use the mobile FTP client on your iPad, you can even edit more than one file at once.

iPhone and iPad version: $9.99

Link to iTunes

Create and manage HTML files with the mobile FTP client (screenshot: iTunes)

The Translator in Your Pocket: iTranslate

Regardless of which country you happen to find yourself in – with iTranslate, you’ll never be lost for words. The app translates words, phrases, and even whole sentences into 50 different languages. What’s more, iTranslate is available for free. However, constant advertising can be irritating after a while, so it’s worth investing $1.99 for the full version. This version also supports voice recognition: You simply say the word or the sentence that you’d like to have translated into your iPhone’s microphone and the app delivers a suitable translation. As a result, you can say goodbye to troublesome typing. A slight snag is that this service is so far only available in the languages English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. iTranslate’s only real disadvantage is that you need an Internet connection to use it, which can lead to high roaming costs abroad.

Link to iTunes

The full version of iTranslate also supports voice recognition (screenshot: iTunes)

On Business Trips: Taxi.EU

There are many mobile apps for calling taxis. As well as working in large German cities, Taxi.EU works in many cities in Europe, including Vienna, Prague, Lyon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Basel, Graz, Salzburg, and Linz.

When you start the app, it automatically identifies your location. As well as entering your destination, you can also enter special requests, like type of vehicle or vehicle equipment. The fare is automatically calculated and displayed, giving customers control of the cost.

Free of charge

Link to iTunes

Keep control of your taxi fare with Taxi.EU (screenshot: iTunes)

A Cheaper Way to Navigate Abroad: OffMaps 2

The iPhone has become a good replacement for navigation systems. The only disadvantage is that you need a constant Internet connection for most of the iPhone navigation apps. This can become expensive, especially abroad. Data connections often mean high costs for roaming.

OffMaps 2 puts an end to all that. The app provides offline and up-to-date maps for Europe, the United States, Japan, and Australia. You just need to upload the maps to your mobile device using a WLAN connection before you leave your office, hotel, or home. The app costs $0.99 for the iPhone and iPad version. Three maps are preinstalled. If you need more maps, you can buy them in packs of three for $0.99. An individual map costs $0.33. With a flat rate of $5.99, you can download as many maps as you like.

The maps don’t just contain street names, but also useful information, such as ATMs, restaurants, and bus stops.

– iPhone and iPad version: $0.99
– For individual maps: $0.33
– Download flat rate: $5.99

Link to iTunes

Up-to-date maps without roaming fees or an Internet connection (screenshot: iTunes)