ByDesign on Windows Phone

Vorschau: Business ByDesign Feature Pack 3.5. (Foto: Christiane Stagge)
Preview of Business ByDesign FP 3.5: due out early next year. (Photo: Christiane Stagge)

Feature Pack 3.5 for SAP Business ByDesign is due out at the end of January 2012. With this update, the end-to-end on-demand solution will not only run on the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, but also on Android and Windows smartphones. In Madrid, we got a look at a live demo of the latest version of Business ByDesign on the Windows Phone.

Furthermore, Rainer Zinow, SVP of OnDemand Strategy at SAP, discussed the new features available in FP 3.5. This version offers analytic functions and services, which allow extensive profit analyses to be carried out and more transparency in agreements.

New features for enterprises and subsidiaries

Certain new features should be especially interesting for companies that want to deploy Business ByDesign in their subsidiaries. Business ByDesign FP 3.5 will support these business functions: resource management, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, payroll impact, and data management.

SAP Business ByDesign is suitable for the following business areas: sales, approvals, expense, and reports and analytics. With FP 3.5, the solution will now be optimized for the iPad. At the moment, there only app for the iPad is the Business ByDesign Dashboard, which lets you look at and work on worksheets. Soon users will get full functionality on their Apple table.

Live Demo: Business ByDesign auf Windows Phone 7. (Foto: Christiane Stagge)
Live demo: Business ByDesign on the Windows Phone 7. (Foto: Christiane Stagge)

Eigenes Brand-Image

There will also be some changes to the operational side of the solution. For example, users will now be able to check the latest tweets all while completing a profit analysis. Analysis functions are also directly integrated into the sales order process. FP 3.5 will also enable users to follow the complete sales process, from opportunity, to orders, to payment. You can even issue a paper invoice.

Another highlight of FP 3.5 is the ability to integrate your corporate colors and brand image into your Business ByDesign solution. You simply have to drag and drop the relevant graphics onto the user interface, and the background will change automatically.

OnDemand Product portfolio

In addition, Peter Lorenz, EVP, OnDemand Solutions Corporate Officer SAP, explained SAP’s cloud strategy. On-demand solutions should be able to be integrated into every environment.

The portfolio is made up of Suite OnDemand, line-of-business solutions, and personal productivity solutions.

Suite OnDemand comprises Business ByDesign, Business ByDesign for Subsidiaries, and partner add-ons. Business ByDesign is also available in three starter packs, which are scaled-down versions of the solution. Around 200 resellers and 78 solution partners sell this on-demand solution.

The line-of-business solutions include Sales OnDemand, Career OnDemand, Carbon Impact OnDemand, Travel OnDemand, Service OnDemand, and Sourcing OnDemand. The personal productivity solutions are SAP StreamWork and BusinessObjects BI OnDemand. These solutions are intended to streamline the collaboration process and support project teams in their day-to-day work.