Top Articles October 2011

Apps, SAP HANA, business trends: These were the most-read articles (collage:
Apps, SAP HANA, business trends: These were the most-read articles (collage:

Number 5: Business IT Trends for 2011


Tablet PCs and smartphones are poised to oust desktop computers and notebooks. 3D displays will become part of our lives, as will mobile social media. Software will make way for apps, while other trends for 2011 include augmented reality and cloud computing.


Number 4: Five Mobile Apps from SAP Partners


Five SAP partners participated in an app development program earlier this year. We got a sneak preview of the results. Read on for screenshots and demos of these five powerful business apps.


Number 3: In the Pipeline: SAP HANA for SMBs

Data is always at the ready when it's stored in the working memory (photo: Christiane Stagge)(Foto: Christiane Stagge)

SAP HANA live: At the DSAG Annual Congress, held from October 11-13 in Leipzig, Gicom gave us an exclusive preview of its SAP HANA application prototype. And Jim Snabe and Gerhard Oswald spoke candidly about in-memory software.

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Number 2: Road Map SAP HANA


At SAP TechEd 2011, several speakers have alluded to the road map for SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA). Here, we give you a straightforward overview of what’s ahead for the software.


Number 1: Best Business Apps for iPad


There’s no denying that tablet PCs like the iPad are destined to become well and truly rooted in the business world and smart apps are slated to replace conventional software. We took a look at apps for day-to-day business use.