SAP Partner Quality in Action

Third Wave Business Systems, an SAP Business One Gold Partner, can be proud of the success of its recent implementation project for AT Conference, a leading provider of audio and web conferencing services. Not only did Third Wave meet the scheduled September 1 go-live date for the Business One 8.81 implementation, it also brought the project in 40% under budget – an accomplishment that gets the notice of even the most hard-boiled IT professionals.

Luck? Not hardly. Third Wave, based in New Jersey, joined SAP’s Active Quality Management (AQM) partner quality accreditation program earlier this year. Since then, it has put to good use the tools and resources supplied by SAP to bring a quality management focus to its implementation projects. As a participant in the AQM partner quality program, Third Wave has been able to showcase its dedication to quality standards through the Third Wave Quality Plan and rigorous quality documentation that highlights standard checks carried out before, during, and after all customer projects. These aspects provide a framework for implementations that is designed to ensure project delivery success and improve customer satisfaction.

“Third Wave has seen improvements in their quality procedures and also across their project management,” says Mark Breznak, COO of Third Wave, in reference to the effectiveness of the new quality measures gained from the SAP AQM partner program. He adds that Third Wave “has received direct customer feedback from their customer AT Conference, attributing the success of the project to the quality approach used. This contribution led to a highly successful implementation that came in 40% under budget.”

Quality Makes an Impact

The AQM partner quality program, started in 2010 as part of the SAP Partner Service Delivery Organization, is designed to support SAP partners in providing more predictable, profitable implementations through unified quality standards and procedures. Participating partners receive an SAP global accreditation for the active management of their sales processes and delivery methodologies based on their fulfillment of an annual quality plan and quarterly quality reviews. Additional SAP-supplied resources like the AQM Partner Kit and dedicated Partner Quality Advisors for project support help improve customer satisfaction, drive success, and minimize risks.

As the SAP AQM Partner Quality Program gains momentum, success stories from partners have been able to measure the impact of their participation in terms of new deals and delivery projects with higher customer satisfaction. Samir Bains, global head of the SAP AQM operations team, explains how this program is able to give focused support to partners that positively impacts their ability to drive their business. “We enable partners to build up a robust risk and quality management framework, and provide suggestions on how to manage project risks or escalation issues,” says Bains. “Partners are therefore supported to improve their competency in bid and delivery management, leading to increased customer satisfaction and SAP adoption.”

Commitment to Quality

The success of the project for AT Conference provides an insightful look at how Third Wave implements. Having achieved the accreditation in SAP Active Quality Management in October of this year, Third Wave has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards in all its implementations. Through its participation in the AQM partner program, Third Wave can continue to improve quality in its projects and along with that, its customer satisfaction.

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