Enters a New Era

Today marks the launch of the new Without further ado, let’s take a look around.

The dynamic web magazine sports a newly sleek and stylish layout. There are no unnecessary lines, boxes, or shadings; rather, the new design was developed with the credo “less is more” foremost in mind. When it comes to content, however, “less is more” does not apply.

In addition to the traditional categories such as Events and Newsroom (for concise news updates), there are now Specials on high-profile topics like SAP HANA and mobility. Each Special contains all articles relevant to that particular focus topic, making it even easier to explore the most important SAP subjects in detail. remains the daily resource for business and IT. Now, however, the layout automatically scales to fit perfectly on all devices – from smartphones, tablets, and notebooks to desktops, televisions, and even in-car PCs. on the iPad and BlackBerry Playbook. (Photo: Koenigsfilm)

This works regardless of operating system (Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Google Android, Symbian OS, and Windows Phone 7), browser, and screen size. Features like multi-touch, video integration, no visible browser bar, and a touch icon on the home screen are supported on all iOS devices. In this way, looks and behaves like an app, but isn’t one.

Another highlight: mobile advertisements are now supported on smartphones and tablets.

The layout on an Android tablet. (Photo: Koenigsfilm)

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

Technically speaking, the web magazine is based on the programming languages HTML5 and CSS3 and uses Javascript as the engine. The use of Adobe Flash Player was intentionally avoided. This enables users to play videos on all devices without needing a separate player or plug-in.

In terms of content, offers articles in eight languages on business software, new products, mobility topics, and event reports. Social media elements are dynamicly integrated into the web magazine. For example, reader comments and tweets about SAP are published in real time directly on the home page. on a BlackBerry smartphone. (Photo: Koenigsfilm)