SAP and Sybase Deliver Mobile Apps

SAP and Sybase announce a new wave of mobile apps for the enterpris. (photo: Frank Bauer)

SAP and Sybase announce the next wave of mobile apps for the enterpise. This is just the latest addition to the expansion of SAP’s mobility portfolio, which includes not only apps but also a mobile platform and security solutions.

The delivery of apps in three- to six-month development cycles is driven by SAP and its partners, and is supported by the Sybase Unwired Platform. In the future, partners will contribute around 80 percent of mobile applications in order to provide customers with more industry-specific mobile solutions.


An important part of SAP’s mobile offerings is the SAP Store for mobile apps, essentially an enterprise version of the familiar consumer app store. The SAP Store is available both as a website and as an on-device version: “SAP Mobile Apps”. An on-device version is already available for iOS; versions for Android, BlackBerry, and other operating systems are to follow.

The SAP Store will allow customers to download and try out an app before they purchase it. In the future, SAP plans to offer customers the ability to purchase apps directly via SAP Store.


The latest apps to be released are:


  • SAP Electronic Medical Record
  • SAP Field Service
  • SAP CRM Sales
  • SAP Retail Execution
  • SAP Citizen Connect
  • SAP Strategy Management
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile
  • SAP Transport Notification and Status
  • SAP Transport Tendering
  • SAP GRC Access Approver
  • SAP GRC Policy Survey