Unstoppable Mobility

Individuals are extremely quick to adopt mobile technology. A Google study shows that five years ago only seven percent of users accessed the Internet from their mobile phones and just six percent used mobile apps. Today, 81 percent access the Internet from their mobile phones and 68 percent use apps. This unprecedented rate of technology adoption has left enterprise IT managers grappling to manage integration, services, data security, optimization of enterprise productivity, and a workforce that demands increasing mobility.

The majority of the mobile workforce uses their devices in the hours-per-day range, and many workers use multiple mobile devices. They use their smartphones as a desktop extension to increase productivity and multiply their reach. Mobile workers say the benefits include staying connected on the road; managing and controlling reports on the go; servicing and maintaining customer accounts on the spot; staying unwired within the enterprise campus; capturing data through RFID integration, voice control and image capturing; and using geo data to locate people, things, and businesses.

Supporting a billion smartphones

 It’s estimated that by 2013, a billion smartphones will be deployed in the global workforce, each running multiples apps, and many enterprise IT departments are grappling with the task of supporting this number of devices and applications in such a short time.

“All of SAP’s customers realize that mobility is an unstoppable revolution that must be adopted in the enterprise,” said Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, program lead for Mobility SAP Industry Solutions. “This puts considerable strain on companies, as the end-users on all levels request more and richer functionality. Yet, IT departments need to control the risks associated with the oncoming flood of mobile apps as well as numerous device types and operating systems.”

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The fourth wave of enterprise computing

Hari Subramanyam, a mobility technology expert and SAP Rapid Deployment solutions rollout lead for mobility solutions, describes mobility as the “fourth wave of enterprise computing to emerge since mainframe, client/server, and internet computing dominated the enterprise.”

“The reach has exploded to billions of devices by billions of people, giving businesses the ability to send information and applications to any device, anytime, anywhere,” Subramanyam says. “These mobile devices support complex and varied productivity tasks from personal applications like email and text to enterprise tasks, like business Intelligence and analytics.”

Adding to the challenge, enterprise data running through mobile devices can flood IT departments with data security issues, especially with the growing mix of employee-owned and enterprise-owned phones. In fact, according to a recent CNet report, the use of employee-liable smartphones in the enterprise has become so pervasive, it’s driving the rapid adoption of management and security products to allow IT managers to be able to control a device regardless of who owns it.

“The devices and mobile apps must be integrated into the dataflow within a company. Complex data systems already exist within all modern enterprises. Tapping into these data warehouses in a stringent, scalable and maintainable manner can be a daunting task,” said Suter-Crazzolara.

Rapid deployment for rapid results

SAP has a portfolio of mobility solutions that do just that, and a new rapid-deployment solution for mobile apps and infrastructure meets the demand for a fast solution – it takes just weeks to deploy – that offers services and security to an enterprise’s mobile workforce.

The SAP Rapid-deployment solution for Mobile Apps and Infrastructure offers to help enterprise IT departments address the demand for mobile offerings while maintaining mobile security, with minimal implementation risk.

The SAP Rapid-deployment solution for Mobile Apps and Infrastructure includes productivity and communication apps that span multiple lines of business: HR, travel management, finance, order processing, and customer management. The SAP Afaria solution, based on Sybase technology, is built in and provides mobile device management and security.

“Customers want to experience SAP immediately,” says Robert Viehmann, senior vice president, SAP Solution Assembly and Packaging. “With Rapid Deployment Solutions, we deliver real business power quickly so decision makers and users in all areas, now and in the future, can benefit.”

To learn more about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions, watch this video.