Product Highlights of 2011

From mobile software and in-memory technology through business intelligence applications and on-demand software – 2011 produced a wealth of new SAP products. And there were a few surprises, too, such as the enhancement packages for SAP Business Suite. Read on for a summary of all the highlights.

Applications for SAP HANA

At the end of 2010, when Vishal Sikka presented SAP HANA at SAP TechEd, the product was already beginning to make waves. The appliance is a combination of software and hardware, and harnesses the principle of in-memory technology. Data is stored in the working memory and can be called from there immediately – without having to take a detour via SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse or the hard disk. Thanks to column-based storage and decompression, extremely large data records can be stored. SAP HANA even enables entire databases to be kept in the working memory.

At SAP TechEd 2011, new hardware was announced for SAP HANA. And Sikka announced new applications for it, too.

In addition, rapid-deployment solutions for SAP HANA are now available. See our article, “How to Get HANA NOW”, about getting up and running with SAP HANA in just two weeks.

A Burst of New Apps

The burst of new apps that SAP introduced in the middle of the year no doubt caused quite a few surprises. After SAP released the software development kit to develop apps on the Sybase Unwired Platform, it was expected that partners would take on most of the app development. But now SAP has launched a number of its own, including apps for HR. In addition, twenty-three were presented at the NEO Mobile Business Conference, held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Nevertheless, SAP’s partners also brought out some new mobile applications. You can take another look here.

Enhancement Packages for SAP Business Suite

Jim Hagemann Snabe caused a sensation at the Annual Congress of the German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) when he announced new enhancement packages for SAP Business Suite. With the multitude of on-demand solutions and apps, the on-premises solutions seemed to have almost been forgotten. But Snabe put such fears aside in October and announced mini enhancements for SAP Business Suite until 2020. You can take another look here.

On-demand Software and SAP Store

Cloud computing was on everybody’s lips and on-demand software was all the rage this past year. A new feature pack for SAP Business ByDesign appeared in mid-2011.

What’s more, additional on-demand applications hit the market including SAP Sales OnDemand, SAP Travel OnDemand, and SAP Sourcing OnDemand.

And there was a highlight for all SAP Business ByDesign customers: SAP Store now stocks add-ons for the “mini business suite.” Similar to an online shop, partners offer add-ons for SAP Business ByDesign. Users can purchase them with a mere click. SAP Store was unveiled at CeBIT and officially opened at SAP TechEd at the end of 2011. Read the details here.