SAP HANA Adoption Spans Industries

A year after SAP HANA was first introduced in December 2010, a number of customers across industries have adopted the software. Other customers are working with SAP to develop further real-time applications on the open SAP HANA platform. The customer stories are summarized below; for more information, see the SAP press release in full here.

  • T-Mobile adopted SAP HANA to carry out a new marketing strategy. The wireless provider wanted to deliver targeted offers to more than 21 million customers via various channels, requiring high performance analytics. SAP HANA allowed the company to run the necessary reports with an average response time of five seconds.
  • Provimi, a world leader in animal nutrition solutions, implemented SAP CO-PA Accelerator software to run profitability analysis reports in real time. After implementation, the company was able to run reports on cost and profitability in less than three seconds.
  • SAP HANA has also been implemented in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Mitsui Knowledge Industry tested the software for the rapid analysis of genetic sequences in cancer research. In this instance, SAP HANA delivered results for reports that could not be previously carried out.
  • UFIDA is the largest local management software vendor in the Asia Pacific region. The company is working with SAP to bring next generation real-time applications to the market with a focus on business analytics. SAP has also been working with TIBCO, an independent provider of infrastructure software to develop tibbr and TIBCO Spotfire, real-time collaboration and analytics solutions.
  • Another area of collaboration is in real-time visualization. For that, SAP has been working with Tableau Software to build the Tableau connector to SAP HANA. This tool makes it possible to create real-time visualizations on top of the high performance analytics of SAP HANA.
  • A different company, Simba, a supplier of data-based access solutions, now provides connectivity between and SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution, powered by SAP HANA. With the Simba tool, customers who have their data in SAP HANA can use SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand to run ad-hoc analyses in the cloud.
  • Lastly, Jive Software, a company that provides social software for enterprises, is currently running on SAP HANA and is looking to support the platform for its customers. This is part of its long-term goal to bring in-memory processing to the analysis of enterprise social data.