Real-time Billing

SAP recently announced the results from a series of benchmarks that measured the scalability of the SAP Convergent Charging application on IBM systems. The application was developed to carry out price calculations for telecommunications customers in real time. The tests simulated pricing for 200 million customers, and the application succeeded in continuously processing more than 750,000 records per second, essentially real-time charging. This is a first for the telecommunications industry.

With the increasing adoption of mobile, broadband, and related services around the world, many aspects of the telecommunications industry are becoming increasingly complex. The billing process is just one example. Today, the software to carry out billing processes must deal with various payment models (hybrid pre-paid and post-paid models) as well as offering both traditional and new services for enterprise customers and consumers (such as video on-demand and online collaboration).

In addition, communication service providers are becoming major players in providing cloud services, enterprise mobility, and application stores; this, in turn, requires the ability to process huge volumes of data in real time. For these customers, the SAP Billing for Telecommunications package, made up of the SAP Convergent Charging, SAP Convergent Invoicing, and SAP Customer Financial Management applications, provides the answer.

The package supports the entire billing process chain: SAP Convergent Charging calculates prices, SAP Convergent Invoicing creates, processes, and issues the customer invoices, and SAP Customer Financial Management handles payments, collections, accounting, and all financial-related communications with customers.

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