The “Boost Your Business” Challenge

One of the great ironies in business is that success can also present a unique set of – well – problems.  “Can your systems cope with a big increase in demand? Will customer service and satisfaction suffer if workloads suddenly increase? Are you prepared to deal with entry into new markets? These are just a few of the challenges success might force a business to contend with,” says Benno Eberle, SAP senior solution marketing manager.

To help businesses assess their readiness for successful growth, the SAP Solution Marketing team, in conjunction with SAP Business ByDesign reference customer Cloudbridge Consulting, developed the fun, interactive Boost Your Business Challenge online assessment. “The game will show you how your readiness compares with the average in your industry and help you identify the areas of your business that need the most attention,” says Eberle.

The Boost Your Business Challenge takes just a few minutes and is available in both English and German.  Once complete, you’ll receive a free, detailed analysis of your performance.

“The game presents you with typical business challenges in the areas of compliance, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and business insight. Of two possible solutions, you decide which delivers the best result for your business,” explains Eberle.

There are more than 30 individual challenges covering all aspects of a typical business:  marketing, sales, and service; finance, HR, and admin; project management; procurement; and IT. There are also CEO challenges that focus on the overall view. Players can tailor the analysis to their particular business by weighting each individual challenge to reflect how relevant it is to their business.

At the end of the challenge, results are presented in the form of a readiness scorecard. You can also download a free, more detailed analysis of the performance of your business and how its results compare with the competition.

Boost Your Business Challenge, English Version

Boost Your Business Challenge, German Version