A Brand New Day for Your Business

You might not think that software code and music have an awful lot in common. After all, some of the best music is expressive and emotional; there’s a great deal of improvisation and very few rules. Software, in stark contrast, is often more about convention than freedom: there’s frequently a single best approach that most programmers agree on – and that becomes the standard.

But as this video will show you, software code and music production are much more alike than you thought. For example:

  • Both are about bringing together the right ensemble of instruments and players
  • Both art forms rely on mixing standard techniques in a unique way to create something new
  • Both music and code can be made to run on a variety of instruments or hardware

Today’s musicians and producers are technically savvy. They know that discrete instruments can be integrated with other devices – like amps, mixers, and mutes – to enhance or expand the original idea.

Developers are taking note and remixing their own product offerings in a similar way. Embedding off-the-shelf functionality is a proven way to reduce costs and accelerate time to market – not to mention a smarter way to use their precious development resources. Allowing innovative companies to direct resources on their unique differentiators to the market, while leveraging the best in areas where they don’t have a particular focus results in a better total solution.

Like popular music which serves as a background to so much of life today, you’re surrounded by the results in technology as well. Software that empowers doctors to make life-saving decisions. Applications that accurately meter and charge electric-car owners for consumption at power stations. Services that report on maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) activities to keep large machinery maintained and serviced properly. And the fact is, SAP platforms orchestrated these innovative technologies, and many more like them.

The SAP program for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners is our way of helping our partners become rock-star producers in their own right. It allows businesses in virtually every industry to expand and enhance their own product offerings with SAP technology platforms. Our dedicated team of SAP integration experts works closely with each of our partners — from onboarding to enablement — to ensure they have the tools, products, and technical support they need to embed or integrate our technology within their solution or service offering.

By doing so, our partners are able to deliver the rich functionality and data quality their customers demand, they’re able to innovate in ways they might not have thought of, and, just as important, they’re able to drive growth and incremental sales like they never imagined.

Over 800 OEM partners benefit from embedding SAP products and solutions into their applications. Learn how you can join them to enhance your vision and strategy, reduce development costs, accelerate time to market, and increase customer satisfaction – creating “A Brand New Day” for your business.

Rock on!

Carolee Gearhart is global vice president of OEM at SAP.