Asseco Achieves SAP Quality Accreditation

Asseco earned the accreditation through its diligent attention to quality management principles in its sales and implementation processes. The SAP AQM partner quality program equips SAP partners with tools and best practices to help them maximize benefits and mitigate risks in customer projects. The AQM accreditation demonstrates Asseco’s commitment to driving project delivery excellence and improving customer satisfaction.

Marek Gruchowski, the program coordinator at Asseco Poland, says, “We hope that the quality accreditation awarded to Asseco will strengthen our position in the market for SAP software implementations, enhance the positive image of both Asseco and SAP in the eyes of our existing clients, and eventually increase our chances of attracting new customers.”

Asseco Poland S.A., headquartered in Rseszów, is the largest IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and a major player in the European software production market. It employs almost 3500 people.