Preview: CeBIT 2012

According to the slogan of this year’s CeBIT, the “heart of the digital world” will be beating on March 6-10 at the trade show grounds in Hanover, Germany.

Just like last year, SAP has rented space in two halls and will be showing what it has to offer in this, the 40th year of its existence. The company will present new products, apps, cloud services, and other technologies – including SAP HANA as one of its featured offerings.

At this SAP Web site, you can access a detailed overview of the halls, blogs, and information on the special topics of each day of the event.

SAP: Special topics daily in Halls 4 and 5

In the “Business Area” in Hall 4, you’ll find the complete SAP solution portfolio for large companies along with keynotes, roundtables, and press conferences. Each day will be dedicated to different industries and lines of business:

  • Tuesday, March 6: Banks, insurance companies, and financial departments
  • Wednesday, March 7: Manufacturing, logistics, research and development, purchasing
  • Thursday, March 8: IT services, service providers, public administration, healthcare, universities
  • Friday, March 9: Wholesale, retail, consumer products, human resource management, customer relationship management
  • Saturday, March 10: Jobs and careers at SAP

The public sector, which includes software for public administration, will also be covered at CeBIT.

In Hall 5, SAP partners will be exhibiting their solutions for small businesses and midsize companies. For a closer look at line-up in Hall 5, simply read on.

TDS: Cloud services and SAP HANA

Hall 4, Stand A58 (Bitkom’s Cloud Computing World) and Hall 2 (Fujitsu stand)

TDS’s stand will be all about private cloud services and real-time data analysis with SAP HANA. In addition to its various private cloud offerings for companies, TDS will be focusing on license models for the hybrid cloud. You’ll also be able to obtain information on cloud services for SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management, and SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

Uniorg: SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One

Hall 5, SAP partner stand

At Uniorg’s stand, SAP’s portfolio for small businesses and midsize companies – SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One in particular – will be on display, along with practical usage examples and scenarios.

Uniorg offers SAP Business All-in-One to companies in the manufacturing industry, especially those active in the processing of metal and synthetic materials, mechanical and plant engineering, and other technical trades. Its services also cover implementation and training.

cormeta: Add-ons for industry solutions

Hall 5, Stand C17 – Meeting point for the midmarket

Just in time for CeBIT, cormeta will be showing off a broad range of new products, including add-ons for integrated risk and customer management. Another offering, CGsprint, provides access to SCHUFA, BÜRGEL, IHD, and Coface Central Europe. Customers interested in credit management should be sure to visit cormeta’s stand on Wednesday, March 7 in particular, as the company will be dedicating the entire day to the financial industry. Among the solutions covered will be KVsprint for credit insurance management, RMsprint for risk management, ABSsprint for managing asset-backed securities, and Crefosprint for handling credit ratings from Creditreform.

Meanwhile, the tire trade and wholesale solution TRADEsprint now supports fully automated returns processing and variable determination of conditions. It also offers a price maintenance tool, Vistex integration, and ways to interface with CEP service providers while covering the E.U.’s tire labeling requirements, including roll resistance, wet grip, rolling noise, and noise emission.

In addition, cormeta provides consulting services for SAP HANA, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, and business analytics.

All for One Steeb: First CeBIT appearance as a full-range service provider

Hall 5, Stand B18

CeBIT 2012 will be the site of All for One Steeb’s first major appearance since the merger that produced the company at the end of 2011. All for One Steeb is an SAP full-service provider for the mid-sized business market where German is spoken. In addition to various outsourcing services, the company offers an array of SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions, including:

  • All for Machine (mechanical and plant engineering)
  • All for Automotive (automotive supply)
  • All for Metal (metal processing)
  • All for Plastics (synthetics processing)
  • All for Electric (electrical engineering)
  • All for Service (project services)
  • All for Consumer (consumer products)
  • All for Trade (technical wholesale)

Cubeware: BI app for Apple and Android devices

Hall 6, Stand B16, BARC BI Forum

At the center of Cubeware’s CeBIT exhibit will be the new features of Cubeware Importer. Having received a revamped user interface, this ETL and BI modeling tool now also supports collaboration functions, drag-and-drop, and pie chart navigation. Cubeware Importer is also capable of tapping into virtually any data source – including those in SAP systems and BI applications – and filling data warehouses.

Not to be outdone, Cubeware Cockpit V6pro is sporting a new design and planning functionalities, as well. Version 4 of the solution supports mini-graphics, trend lines, sparklines, annotations, enhanced splashing functions, cell locking, and triggering of action chains for mapping workflows.

Cubeware’s stand will also focus on mobile software – for example, by giving CeBIT attendees the chance to witness demonstrations of the company’s new BI app. Intended for use on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, this mobile application makes it possible to analyze individual graphics and figures and generate custom dashboards.

Alpha Business Solutions: SAP Business ByDesign

Hall 5, Stand B38

A specialist in the on-demand solution SAP Business ByDesign, Alpha Business Solutions just recently became a master value-added reseller and a member of the SAP Extended Business program.

At the company’s CeBIT stand, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about implementation models and starter packages for SAP Business ByDesign, along with everything about its functions for finance, project management, customer relationship management, purchasing, and human resource management.

itelligence: New jobs and a prize competition

Hall 4, Stand C04

For itelligence, CeBIT will mainly serve as an opportunity to recruit new employees for its open positions. The company will also be covering topics such as mobile solutions, SAP Business ByDesign and other cloud offerings, in-memory computing, new industry solutions, application management services, and special hosting services.