First Consumer App on SAP HANA

In the past few months, SAP HANA has been increasingly integrated into SAP’s larger product portfolio, first as the platform powering real-time analytics applications for large enterprises and more recently as the basis for SAP Business One and the new analytics offering for the midmarket, SAP HANA, Edge edition. Last week, SAP extended SAP HANA technology to an even wider audience with the launch of Recalls Plus, its first consumer app running on SAP HANA.

Recalls Plus is a mobile app that informs users of safety recalls on children’s products like strollers, baby monitors, and car seats as well as recalls on food allergens. Users can either select the items they want to track from a preset checklist or search for specific products to monitor by brand name. They can also choose to get alerts on food-related recalls for any of the eight food allergens as mandated by the Food and Drug Administration, including eggs, peanuts, and fish.

The app tracks information issued by four federal agencies in the U.S. – Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Food and Drug Administration, and the United States Department of Agriculture – and checks to see which recalls are relevant to each particular users’ list. Users get a notification if there is a recall on any products or food allergens that they are monitoring.

At the moment, Recalls Plus is available to U.S. consumers. They can download the free app for the iPhone in the Apple App Store. Support for other mobile devices is planned for the future, but in the meantime, non-iPhone users can use Recalls Plus as a Facebook app.

SAP HANA in the cloud

Recalls Plus was developed by AppHaus, a strategic initiatives team at SAP, and built on the SAP HANA Cloud platform. This enables it to provide instant access and scale to tens of thousands of users. SAP Executive Board Member, Vishal Sikka initially described the SAP HANA Cloud platform at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando in May 2011. He stated then that “the world of clouds is rapidly moving toward in-memory clouds,” and announced the plan for applications like SAP Business Intelligence OnDemand to run on a new, in-memory, cloud-based platform.

Today the SAP HANA Cloud platform is in private beta, and select customers are being invited to develop further apps on it. This is a key part of SAP’s strategy to combine cloud, mobile, and in-memory technologies to drive next-generation applications for the enterprise.