SAP Dominates CGT Reader’s Choice Awards

Did I just use “dominates” in a headline? Yes. Yes I did. I know what you’re thinking: “Really, Tim? Isn’t it a little self serving?” Yes and no. Yes, because I agree that “dominates” is a bold word. No, because the fine editors of CGT Magazine used this word to describe how SAP fared in their 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.
In short, when the d-word is used for a good reason, it’s time to sit up and pay attention.

(P.S. – As the former editor of CGT, I know first-hand all of the hard work (and drama) that goes into the creation of this highly-respected, annual awards survey, now in its 12th year. This is a big deal.)


Before we get to the rankings, here’s how CGT collects the Reader’s Choice survey data:

The category lists are determined by feedback from CG executives from more than 100 companies large and small. The ballot spanned 10 technology and service categories, including Supply Chain Planning, Trade Promotion Management, Demand Data Analytics, New Product Development and Introduction, and more. To ensure the integrity of the survey process, we asked respondents to only vote in the categories in which they are intimately involved (i.e. Supply Chain, Product Development, Sales & Marketing or General IT).

Without further ado, here’s how SAP ranked this year according to CGT’s readers, who “identify their most valued technology solutions and service providers in 10 categories” where ” SAP dominated the ratings.”

#1 Supply Chain Planning – According to CGT, “SAP led the pack by a mile for both large and small businesses.”

#1 Supply Chain Execution

#1 Enterprise Resource Planning

#1 Customer Relationship Management

#2 Trade Promotion Management – CGT also created a “Breakout Favorites- Customer Experience Leader” award within this category which SAP won. Here’s what  Jeff Dahl, Enterprise Planning & Delivery at Pepsico had to say: “Our goals were to enhance our insights for planning, improve our budget management, and give ourselves the ability for integrated analysis and reporting. The key takeaways: We did it. It works. And, a week after we deployed it our users said, ‘we like it and it’s easy to use.”

#1 New Product Development and Introduction 

#1 Business Intelligence – “SAP [has] made the most headway in winning…customers over to its’ BI platform” – Brad Hairston, vice president, Consumer Products Industry Practice, Hitachi Consulting

I had a chance to catch up with Mark Osborn who leads Consumer Products Industry Marketing for SAP. Here’s his take on SAP’s superb rankings:

“There’s no question these are great results for SAP,” said Mark. ” The rankings reflect SAP’s ongoing commitment to the Consumer Products industry and serve as proof points to demonstrate the business benefits our customers, large and small, are realizing with SAP solutions across a wide variety of consumer products business processes.”

Hmmm, large and small you say? That’s right, SAP also nabbed the “Breakout Favorites – SMB Market Leader” in the following categories:

Supply Chain Planning – “SAP BusinessByDesign helps us take our company operations to the next level by providing a comprehensive set of business tools that help us address the current and future demands of our business.”— Jonathan Burth, Chief Operating Officer, Vita Coco

Enterprise Resource Planning – “SAP Business ByDesign has become the central nervous system of the company; all the tools we need to operate efficiently are integrated within one piece of software.” — Rick Alden, Founder, Skullcandy

Customer Relationship Management – “The SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks application helps us get maximum value from our trade promotion dollars.”— Leeann Smulligan, Senior Marketing Associate Manager, Ateeco, Inc.

Business Intelligence – “SAP Business ByDesign gives me the real-time information that is vital to running the business day to day, while maintaining our profitability and staying on track.” — Eric Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Johnson Products Company

What do you think of this year’s CGT Reader’s Choice Awards?