SAP Business One: Now OnDemand

SAP Business One is a single, integrated business management application that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses. It can be licensed for as few as five users (or even one user with starter packages for SAP Business One) and implemented in a matter of weeks. With over 30,000 customers running SAP Business One, the solution has already found widespread success among small businesses and subsidiaries of large enterprises. Now, SAP is aiming to build on that success by offering the application as an on-demand solution.

SAP Business One OnDemand will provide small businesses with all of the integrated business processes and industry-specific functionality that the on-premise application entails, but with the added benefits of cloud computing: minimal up-front costs and lower IT operations. Rather than deploying and maintaining the application on their own servers, companies license SAP Business One OnDemand through an SAP partner and access their solution via a Web browser.

Some of the partners that will be offering the on-demand solution include Hungarian Telecom, intelligence, Seidor, Singtel, Versino, and Virtustream. Hosting partners that are interested in participating will need to obtain an SAP hosting certification. Reselling partners or VARs without SAP hosting certification will be able to subcontract a certified hosting partner. SAP intends to offer further extendibility and industry offerings as required.

At the moment, SAP Business One OnDemand is available in 18 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Stay tuned to for more exciting announcements from CeBIT, where we’re reporting live.

No more user restrictions

The latest release of SAP Business One is version 8.82. Just a few weeks ago, SAP announced its plan to integrate analytics powered by SAP HANA for version 8.82 and future releases. Since small businesses also work with large volumes of data, from social media activities for example, SAP wanted to extend in-memory technology to SMEs. SAP HANA for SAP Business One is currently in ramp-up and should be generally available at the end of this year.

Customers will derive further advantages from the cloud version of SAP Business One. Unlike with SAP Business ByDesign, which requires a minimum of 10 users, SAP Business One OnDemand can theoretically be licensed for just one user. Software updates are installed automatically, so customers always have the latest version. And as SAP stated in the press conference, SAP Business One OnDemand can be used in a private cloud.

For iPhone and iPad: New functions for Business ByDesign

SAP has stated that the new SAP Business One OnDemand offering won’t have a negative effect its other cloud solution for SMEs, SAP Business ByDesign. In fact, at CeBIT, SAP presented new functions for SAP Business ByDesign and other solutions in its cloud portfolio.

In SAP Business ByDesign, there are new features for the iPhone and iPad, such as a sales catalog, account management, lead and opportunity management, as well as time and expense management. Service providers will benefit from a newly optimized billing method and enhanced revenue recognition rules for customer contracts. And for distribution and manufacturing customers, new capabilities such as third-party logistics, complete delivery, identified stock logistics, and sub-material valuation are now available.

OnDemand applications for lines of business

SAP’s on-demand applications for lines of business include  SAP Travel OnDemand, SAP Sourcing OnDemand and SAP Sales OnDemand. These are above all intended for the integration of subsidiaries within large enterprises. Companies like Lufthansa and Hilti are currently using these line-of-business applications successfully.

At CeBIT, the latest release of SAP Sourcing OnDemand, wave 9, was announced. A new feature enables standard integration with SAP Supplier Relationship Management, the on-premise application for sourcing professionals. This is expected to deliver greater cost savings and compliance.

SuccessFactors acquisition drives cloud portfolio forward

SAP aims to achieve two billion euro in revenue from its OnDemand portfolio by 2015. The recent acquisition of SuccessFactors should help SAP reach this goal. SuccessFactors specializes in on-demand applications for human capital management and has 14 different on-demand solutions for human resources. SAP is in the position to integrate these solutions. Currently, SAP operates 80% of its cloud systems itself and relies on the Amazon Cloud for the rest.