SAP HANA: It’s All about the Demo

At the SAP stand, visitors could see SAP HANA in action. (source: Christiane Stagge)

SAP first showed a live demo of SAP HANA back in May 2011 at its annual in-house event SAPPHIRE NOW. Since then, no trade fair or conference that SAP attends is complete without a demonstration of SAP HANA’s impressive capabilities. And CeBIT, the digital industry’s largest, most international event, was no exception. At this year’s CeBIT, SAP not only presented updates to its cloud portfolio, including a new on-demand version of SAP Business One, but also gave live demos of SAP HANA in various use cases across industries.

At the SAP stand, Ingo Brenckmann, program director Data and Analytic Engines at SAP, showed visitors how products like SAP CO-PA Accelerator and SAP Smart Meter Analytics are able to analyze millions of data records in seconds, thanks to SAP HANA. According to Brenckmann, the process of switching to SAP HANA is not complicated – it’s comparable to any other database migration. Businesses that decide to run their SAP ERP application or SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on SAP HANA, therefore, are able to do so in just a few days.

Event-goers also had the chance to see a live demo of SAP HANA Oncolyzer, SAP’s newest product based on SAP HANA. The application allows doctors and medical researchers to analyze terabytes of patient data and medical information extremely quickly and possibly discover fresh insights into new treatment options. Also, doctors are able to access patient history and lab results in real time while visiting patients.

In a round table, Martin Peuker, CIO of Charité – the university hospital in Berlin that helped develop the application – described further benefits. Thanks to the in-memory application, hospital employees can make more accurate predictions about the course of a disease as well as the cost involved. This in turn allows hospitals and health insurance companies to work together more effectively.

To see the live demo of SAP HANA Oncolyzer, skip to the 45 second mark in this video.

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Partners also emphasized SAP's newest products based on in-memory technology. (source: Christiane Stagge)

Partners also focus on SAP HANA

Numerous SAP partners were at CeBIT, including itelligence, an international full-service solution provider. At their stand, the emphasis was on in-memory computing and business analytics for small and midsize companies, especially the new SAP offering, SAP HANA, Edge edition. This offering provides midsize companies with a slightly smaller, but no less powerful, version of SAP HANA. In addition, intelligence had its industry-specific applications for SAP Business All-in-One on display. These include:, it.automotive, it.chemicals, it.consumer, it.hightronic, it.manufacturing, it.service, it.metal,, and it.wood.

Hardware providers HP, Fujitsu, and IBM were also in attendance to present their respective high-performance servers that are used with SAP’s in-memory software. In general, it is this combination of hardware and software that makes up SAP HANA, but when it comes to the actual application of this technology, there are various deployment scenarios. In one, SAP HANA runs in parallel with an SAP application, such as SAP ERP or SAP Customer Relationship Management, and acts as an accelerator. Data is replicated in SAP HANA and analyzed in real time.

In another scenario, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse runs on top of SAP HANA, which allows data to be stored in working memory and, as a result, accessed immediately. SAP HANA on SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse is currently in ramp-up with select customers. You can read about further deployment scenarios in more detail in the article, “Applications for SAP HANA”.