Facebook Timeline for Pages

The social network giant made the announcement on Wednesday, February 29, at the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York. Individual users have had access to the Timeline feature for some time, and it didn’t take long for the new look to become the norm on private profiles. Now companies on Facebook Pages will also be able to take advantage of the large feature photo, two-column activity log, and new possibilities for social apps and interaction that are some of the Timeline’s defining characteristics.

On April 1, Facebook will automatically integrate Timeline into all brand pages. Until then, businesses have the chance to test out Timeline and edit their profiles as necessary, adding important events such as the founding of the business or the acquisition of another company to their history. On a special page, Facebook shows how well-known brands like Microsoft, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola have already implemented the new feature.

The social network also announced a new suite of products for Facebook Ads called Premium. Companies that advertise on Facebook will now have several more ad placement options to choose from. In addition to running ads on the right-hand side of the homepage, companies can now also place ads directly in the News Feed and on the log-out page. These ads can be in text, picture, or video format. Furthermore, Facebook is now making it possible for ads to be displayed in the News Feed even when users log in from a mobile device.