SAP HANA on the iPad

SAP’s in-memory software SAP HANA has been officially available for nearly a year, and yet, when it comes to the working functionality and the possibilities for practically applying the technology, many customers remain in the dark.

At CeBIT, SAP took the opportunity to clear up any lingering confusion on the subject by demonstrating a real user example from the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. One of the largest university hospitals in Europe, Charité has deployed SAP HANA Oncolyzer to analyze patient data for use in medical research and treatment.

SAP customers weren’t the only ones eager to see SAP HANA in action. Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, was also present at the demonstration and even tried out SAP HANA Oncolyzer on the iPad herself.

For doctors and researchers: SAP HANA Oncolyzer

SAP HANA Oncolyzer is particularly useful in cancer research. From CT scans and X-rays to blood samples, cancer patients undergo a battery of tests during treatment, and in the process, they create terabytes of medical data. Since cancer cells develop differently in each individual patient, a personalized analysis of lab results is especially important in cancer research. SAP HANA Oncolyzer makes that kind of analysis possible thanks to in-memory technology.

In-memory technology stores and analyzes entire databases and datasets in main memory rather than on a hard disk. This allows users to analyze huge amounts of data extremely quickly. What once took several hours to evaluate can now be processed in a few seconds.

SAP HANA Oncolyzer was developed by the Charité Institute for Pathology, the Hasso Plattner Institute, and the SAP Innovation Center in Potsdam. It was designed specifically to be used by doctors and cancer researchers. Because of this, the application is optimized to be used on the iPad, ensuring that doctors have access to patient data and medical history while on rounds. Doctors can even search for a specific incident in a patient’s medical history by keyword, similar to a Google search.

Above all, cancer researchers should benefit from SAP HANA Oncolyzer. By selecting various criteria such as cancer type, stage of cancer, treatment, and age and sex of the patient, researchers can create what-if scenarios, run analyses based on those scenarios, and make advances in cancer research and treatment.

SAP makes its presence known at CeBIT 2012

“Truly amazing” is the motto that SAP has chosen for its appearance at CeBIT this year. And in fact, visitors at the SAP stand have been noticeably impressed. Located in Hall 4, the stand stretches two stories high and shows off a sleek, modern design. After 40 years, SAP has become a different, cooler company, said Hubertus Kuelps, Head of Global Communications at SAP, during a press conference.

Build, sail, relax: In the Experience Rooms, SAP customers PG, Puma, Samsung, Audi Sailing Team Germany, and Lego aren’t just putting their products on display, they are inviting visitors to interact with them. For example, PG, an e-bike manufacturer and SAP Business One customer, is giving event-goers the chance to design their own bikes on an iPad. At the end of the week, the best draft will receive a prize.

At the Puma stand, the atmosphere is a little less competitive. The shoe and sportswear company has provided a “chill out zone” where trade fair visitors can relax and take a break from their busy CeBIT agendas. Puma uses SAP NetWeaver 7.11 to model its data.

SAP ERP customer, Samsung, on the other hand, is taking the opportunity to show CeBIT visitors its new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The Audi Sailing Team, an SAP Business ByDesign user, has something quite unusual to attract the crowds: a 49er sailing dinghy that was actually raced in the Olympic Games in 2000. Visitors have the unique opportunity to get an up-close look at the vessel. They also have the chance to take part in an online regatta and try their hand at sailing virtual boats.

Creative-minded visitors are in their element at the Lego stand. The toy manufacturer, an SAP CRM and SAP ERP customer, is challenging trade fair visitors to recreate an entire city using thousands of Lego blocks by the end of CeBIT.

Meanwhile, at the SAP stand, the focus is on in-memory technology, mobile software, and cloud applications. In the SAP HANA zone, SAP Smart Meter Analytics software demonstrates real-time data analysis on the iPad. There is also a demo of SAP HANA with motion control via Microsoft Kinect – a highlight for many visitors. To find out more about SAP’s partnership with Microsoft, read the article “SAP HANA – Now with Motion Control”.

In the mobile zone, visitors can try out a variety of mobile business apps from SAP on iOS, Android, RIM, and Windows mobile devices. Visitors can also learn how to manage diverse mobile devices with Afaria.

Finally, in the cloud zone, there are live demos of SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Sales OnDemand, SAP Travel OnDemand, SAP Sourcing OnDemand, SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand, SAP StreamWork, and cloud solutions from SuccessFactors and Crossgate.

Note: all photos taken by Christiane Stagge